Platatac H Smock Available in Limited Edition Colors


Platatac’s new H Smock is made from 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric. It features a wealth of storage space: 4 throated cargo pockets with taped buttons, 2 zippered map/document pockets on chest, 3 internal poachers pockets at the rear, and 2 bicep mesh bottomed pockets with internal zippered ID/Notebook space.

The hood is adjustable with retention strap and shaping wire trim.

The waist and hem feature draw cords for sizing retention. The garment is loose cut, for freedom of movement in arms and torso, ensuring ventilation and room for extreme cold weather equipment to be worn underneath. The cuffs feature a double elastic throat to stop wind.

All major seam lines are double stitched and feature Bar tacking for increased durability. The elbow pads feature a reinforced double layer. The H Smock also utilizes YYK zippers and ITW Nexus hardware.

For a limited time, the H Smock will be available in AOR1 (I believe this is seconds fabric, because the material is controlled). Also available in A-TACS AU and FG.

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5 Responses to “Platatac H Smock Available in Limited Edition Colors”

  1. Ryan says:

    The only problem I have with these smocks is the fact they have absolutely no water repelling ability.

    The smallest amount of rain or snow goes right through it.

    To those who simply say “layer” you would wipe out the whole purpose of a smock if you were to simply cover it with another layer of clothing.

    • mike says:

      There are countless water repellent treatments on the market. You can take a sealed rain jacket and add all the pockets, or take a jacket with all the pockets and add water repellent properties. If a knife is good but the sheath sucks, throw away the sheath and get a new one.

    • Rob says:

      I dont think you understand the purpose of a smock. Its not meant to be a waterproof layer.

      • Matthew says:

        Well said. If they were meant to be ‘waterproof’, then it’d be sold as such. On a related note, British military smocks are somewhat water repellant, but like a lot of things, this only really works for a short period of time, when they’re new.

        • Felix says:

          Well as a longtime smock user I can say that smocks arent meant to be waterproof. Just store a packable hardshell in one of the pockets and wear EM underneath the smock when needed. Thats how we do it in europe.

          Cheers, Felix