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Warrior West – SureFire

SureFire has introduced the E1D LED Defender. It’s a single cell light that offers 300 lumens on high and features a two-stage detent switch that steps down to 5 lumens.


The Defender incorporates the SureFire pocket clip. Available now.


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5 Responses to “Warrior West – SureFire”

  1. Just had some SF folks at the office, and this is one OUTSTANDING light! What more could one ask for in such a small package. We ordered a good amount of these. I’m VERY excited about this one.


  2. CRH says:

    WOW! great work on getting a 4 year old product idea to market! By the way where are those mini scout and and X400 vampires at?

  3. Mate says:

    Cool. Now where the hell are the mini X300s?

  4. Seifer says:

    where is m300v ?