Warrior West – Klim Tactical

You may be familiar with Klim (pronounced climb), manufacturers of motorcycle wear. What you may not know is that they just launched a tactical line of clothing designed specifically for military motorcycle riders.


One of the Polaris family of companies, they have introduced an anorak style jacket and trouser. Manufactured from An FR Gore-tex fabric, all of the pulls and findings are also FR. It also integrates Super Fabric in high wear areas.


This thing is packed with features. For instance, it features full pit zips along with a full frontal opening zipper as well as a front zip for ventilation. It’s sized to fit over all of your kit and there added a flap on the front that can be opened so that you can access chest mounted magazines.


Sleeve pockets are inset on the upper arm and a windowed forearm pocket can be used for maps and GRGs. The lower sleeves can also be removed via zipper.



The back has a feature I’ve never seen. Since it’s worn over equipment the rear has an expandable flap that will accommodate back mounted gear on a vest.


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8 Responses to “Warrior West – Klim Tactical”

  1. Steve says:

    Something seems to be wrong with the URL. Do you have a different one we can try? Thanks much.

  2. Website is in process of construction. Thanks for the quick look. Site is up and is a landing page with a few more pics. Check back as we add more content and products to the line.



  3. ODG says:

    Interesting and very familiar features on that Jacket……

  4. DanW says:

    I’m trying to imagine who this is marketed towards. Nobody can use a motorcycle in CENTCOM AOR, and for the few units that do wear OCPs stateside, the services already allow for riding jackets to be worn on motorcycles.

    • Peter Jensen says:

      So the jacket is actually made for assaulters or those who must wear kit and be in foul weather. It is worn over kit and allows access to the kit underneath. For all those who have put a jacket on underneath kit or tried to stretch one across kit. Also addresses burnouts on new nylon when heating barrels and cans on weapons (Nomex Goretex) or anything hot for that matter. Thanks for the comments. Pete

  5. d sandrock says:

    Congrats on making the pages of Soldier Systems…….