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No Wonder They Lost – A Revisit

We recently posted photos from our trip to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum, and in the comments section, one of our readers asked what the deal with the “…Darth Vader looking Republican Guard helmet” was. Way back in 2009, we ran a brief article on the helmet, which was worn by Sadaam’s “elite” Fedayeen forces. Since it has been asked, it’s now perfect time for a revisit.

Some of you may remember the Darth Vaderesque helmet worn by troops in Sadaam’s “elite” Fedayeen forces. Apparently manufactured from fiber glass it saw only limited issue. Perhaps the idea behind the helmet was to make the enemy pause to say, “WTF?” giving the wearer enough time to run away. A badge with the words “The Lord, The Homeland, The Leader” was affixed to the side of the helmet. They bring top dollar in the collector’s market.

Iraqi "Vader" Helmet

A Spanish collector’s site has an excellent backgrounder on the helmet. Check it out here.

10 Responses to “No Wonder They Lost – A Revisit”

  1. Ran across several of these in the invasion. Our command took away anything considered to be a trophy except for Iraqi flags.

    • Daniel says:

      Same thing happened in 101st. I do recall a squad mate leaving a deposit in one of those helmets in an emergency.

      • norbis says:

        Same here (101st) execpt, I was 18 at the time and thought “what a stupid helmet” and didn’t think twice… I wish I had grabbed a few.

  2. What about “the force”? You make no mention….

  3. Johnny says:

    How much real ballistic protection did those Iraqi fiber glass helmets actually afford?

  4. tictac says:

    An Iraqi commander leading the “attack.”


    I think is kinda obvious that these were mostly for psychological purposes. If we fear one guy in that helmet, what would a a few thousand in them do to morale?

  5. Reverend says:

    “These are not the infidels you’re looking for… move along.”

  6. eddi says:

    Dumb design. How could they look up to see all the ‘Murica being dropped on their position?