Slovenian Land Forces SloCam Camouflage Pattern


While writing up the article for the newly released STRIKER XT line from UF PRO, we came across mention of a camouflage pattern called SloCam. A bit of research revealed a post on UF PRO’s own site, detailing the history of the pattern.


SloCam was developed by the Slovenian Land Forces, along side their new battle dress, as a more adequate camouflage pattern when compared to their original Woodland DP. Designed to better reflect the changed strategic role of the Slovenian army as a NATO partner, SloCam’s characteristic shapes, color transition from light to dark olive green, and five color shades based on brown and green function well in various vegetations from woodland to barren areas – even midsized urban areas, maintains its disrupted pattern even at a distance, and also allows soldiers to combine it with equipment from other NATO countries.


If it’s not painfully obvious, it would be hard to argue that SloCam isn’t inspired by Crye Precision’s flagship MultiCam camouflage pattern, in both color composition and function. It looks like everybody wants camouflage that works (except the U.S. Army).


25 Responses to “Slovenian Land Forces SloCam Camouflage Pattern”

  1. Nick Pacific says:


  2. Doc_robalt says:

    So I have to ask are there any noteworthy updates on the Armys latest debacle Multi-Digi-Cam-Pat. Especially like how they plan on buying all new OCIE with no money, and is it supposed to be Coyote Brown or something new??

    • bulldog76 says:

      nope no coyote black or camo pattern of the uniform from all rumors told

  3. Rivers says:

    Dont worry US Army the New Zealand Army has just brought in a new camo pattern/uniform that is as they say a true multi terrain scheme…….that is its just as shit no matter were we go!

    • SSD says:

      I’ve seen it several times over here in the US. The colors are very grey.

      • Rudi Ghadda says:

        I was in New Zealand in September 2013 and I saw the NZ soldiers going about their business in their new digital camo. Just my opinion, but I thought it looked horrible.

  4. TobyM says:

    Looks similar to our Brit MTP but with more Woodland – more than half of Slovenia is covered by forest. Seems good to go IMO.

  5. Ryan says:

    Having seen this camp first hand, it works very well.

  6. Ryan says:


  7. Strike-Hold says:

    And the interesting thing is that “SLOCAM” predates the official woodland / jungle version of MultiCam by about 4 years too.

    • straps says:

      Link to a pic of SloCam beating Multicam Tropic to the punch?

      What you’re saying is that Crye stole the foundation of its intellectual property from someone else.

      • Red says:

        I think he means just the new jungle version, which is more or less a color change from the original Multicam, so nobody really stole anything, unless the SLOCAM came from Multicam, which is rather apparent.
        Correct me if I misunderstood.

        • Strike-Hold says:

          Correct. SLOCAM was obviously inspired by MultiCam (here’s a good up-close comparison look at the two – in German:

          But as I said, I find it interesting that the Slovenians came up with an effective woodland-oriented twist on it a good 4 years before the US Army camo initiative and the release of “Tropic”.

          • DBACK028 says:

            I liked that video at the end of the article. Although like all camouflages SLOCAM probably works the best in woodland areas and multicam, I’d imagine, still excels in mountain terrain. Awesome camouflage though

  8. SteveB says:

    I like the Slocam better as a woodland pattern than MC Tropic. Coloration looks to be more versatile in various woodland environments.

    • matt says:

      +1, I dont like how MC Tropic is 90% green, almost lime green to it and the part that is brown is rather a dull brown

  9. Lasse says:

    This is what I was thinking a woodland version of MC would look like.

  10. Snake says:

    That is a perfect “Multicam Woodland.” It would be great during Fall through Spring when/where there’s no snow on the ground, where in the Summer, Tropic would have more of an advantage. I think I’m gonna buy a set.

  11. Dellis says:

    Very nice looking camo, I can see if Woodland and Multicam had a kid this is what it would look like.

    How about next some urban camo with beer cans, cigarette butts, gum spots, various traffic signs printed on a concrete/asphalt colored background?

  12. reader says:

    why does this looks like multicam?

    • threeseven says:

      Haha your username is ironic

    • DBACK028 says:

      because multicam works. so long as they don’t have the EXACT same colors used (a shade of darker green or a shade darker coyote tan) anybody can make a “multicam”

  13. matt says:

    has anyone seen a website selling shorts/pants in multicam arid or know of anyone who is going to be making anything in mc arid shorts/pants?

  14. Rudi Ghadda says:

    To my eyes it looks like a cross between Vietnam era Mitchell pattern and MultiCam. It’s “pretty” – and thankfully not digital.