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Wilson Combat – Vickers Elite Glock Sights


The long awaited Wilson Combat Vickers Elite sights for Glock pistols have arrived. The rear Elite Battlesight has a .145″ wide, deep U-Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions. Snag-free, the sight’s shelf shape enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance. The rear sight comes with a non-reflective matte black parkerized finish.


The Elite Snag Free Front Sight are .245″ tall, with a black parkerized finish. They come in Green Fiber, Red Fiber, and Tritium dot optics. Designed for use with all 9mm, .40, 357 and .45 GAP caliber Glocks.


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12 Responses to “Wilson Combat – Vickers Elite Glock Sights”

  1. bobX says:

    Dumb grunt question. Why no tritium rear? I’ve seen this a couple of times and my work pistol doesn’t hve tritium at all, but why have it in the front and not rear? Less dots to confuse?

    • KP says:

      I assume you’re talking about one dot vs three dot sights. The idea is that you only have to find one dot, rather than place one dot between two others. Theoretically less precise, but it’s a little bit quicker generally. If you have a 3 dot sight, you can black out the rear two with a washable marker if you want to test out the concept.

      Otherwise, one vs two stacked dot – Mr. Vickers has that covered below.

      • bobX says:

        He did cover it. However, as I said, I have seen several examples of running a plain rear and a tritium front. I understand the possible dot configurations of a tritium rear.

  2. A single tritium dot below the notch will be an option soon

  3. Alan Tag says:


    Will you have these to check out at your upcoming classes?


  4. Dear Larry,
    With your extensive experience, what would you advise, single or double tritium dots?( in the context of work issued Glocks).


  5. Yes I will have them for upcoming classes to check out – I prefer dot on top of dot personally which is what this sight will have

  6. Ben says:

    Would it be safe to assume that the .45 GAP sights would fit any .45 ACP model Glock?

  7. Ben

    Yes – and Wilson has 2 different sight heights to accomidate different calibers

    Check it out on their website via the link

  8. Mohican says:

    I didn’t hear too much about performance of these sights yet.

    I like to start my range session with a 50 yard 5 rds. string. Currently I am using TFO sights, with a loose front sight. I am able to get hits but I am not happy with these sights. Would Vickers Elite Battlesight allow accurate shots? (I know it’s the shooter not the sights, but I guess some sights help).