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Last week, I had the chance to visit HSGI’s new production facility in Swansboro, NC along with Tactical Distributors. I love visiting American factories, especially those that support our military, law enforcement and first responders and it was a great opportunity to meet the people behind the brand. This visit was no exception. HSGI has a great management team but, as with all manufacturing, the real magic is on the production floor. What a great group of people. Everyone I met was friendly and fully engaged in the work at hand. It’s a relatively small staff compared to some factories I have visited but the HSGI crew have made up for this by cross-training employees to serve more than one function when needed. This allows them to concentrate additional workers on surge requirements. For example, during the visit, there were several extra folks tying TACOs is anticipation of last week’s release of two new styles, the HCM and Extended Pistol Mag TACOs. Both Todd from TD and I even got to try our hands at the process. HSGI also built special edition versions of a new production belt for us. You’ll see these soon.

It was a great visit. HSGI is a well established company that continues to innovate, all the while building quality, affordable products made by Americans. Please enjoy this video produced by our friends at Tactical Distributors (and keep an eye out during the video for some previews of upcoming HSGI products).


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4 Responses to “SSD & TD Visit HSGI”

  1. IvyMikeCafe says:

    North Carolina state is best state! Thanks for highlighting our local guys making awesome gear, right here in the US of A. Kudos SSD!

  2. Dev says:

    Love it when SSD goes behind the scenes to the source of all things great.

    Hope SSD can do more tours like these in the future. Always good to see where the good stuff comes from.

  3. Ladderman6767 says:

    And yet TD only has a handful of their products…Love TD but sometimes its irritating that they post videos or send emails about items that they do not have in stock.

  4. Great to see a company being true to itself. Awesome video production, very well presented.

    I hope that the SSD team come visit us next year 🙂