Want To Know Which Camouflage Pattern The US Army Picked?

Ask your Sergeant Major, he knows should know. In several commands the CSM has already informed senior NCOs of the Army’s decision.


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  1. Eddie says:

    What about us civilian folk? :c

    • SSD says:

      Guess you should have enlisted. The truth is out there.

      • Greg says:

        Did enlist. ETS two years ago and all my buddies that are still in are deployed. Little help here, or at least a hint? We always hated UCP. When someone would try to say the army isn’t retarded we would point to UCP and tell them they were wrong.

      • Joe says:

        Sucks to be a vet. Just texted a former comrade in arms, hopefully a CW3 can access this info.

      • DW says:

        “Guess you should have enlisted.”

        Kind of disappointed to see this attitude displayed openly by SSD.

        Soldier Systems Daily usually produces great content, but I’m starting to empathize with the guy below who bemoaned the camouflage thread in particular as turning into click-baiting. I’d …like to think this site’s better than that. :/

        • SSD says:

          This is not click baiting. Everything is right there for you to see. Now, if you have this compunction to comment, that’s on you.

          • MAC says:

            So your saying its Multicam SSD.

          • DW says:

            I said I empathized with his sentiments (rather than necessarily sharing them), but yes, you’re right, it’s not click baiting.

            Sorry. This was poorly considered of me; I didn’t mean to cast aspersions.

            The articles on this just feel more meager than your usual material, with hints and allusions to sources not everyone has access to.

            • SSD says:

              I know many CSMs throughout the Army have been telling their senior NCOs.

              • DW says:

                Okay. Well, I look forward to more info on this, anyway. Thanks for responding. 🙂

        • In this comment thread:


      • JP says:

        Dick head reply SSD

        • Derek says:

          Why? Do civi’s have CSM’s to ask? Can they not wear whatever camo they want?

  2. Bmfv says:

    I’m a m-day soldier. We are the last to get info/equipment. If I wait on my chain of command it’ll be three months before state knows then it’ll be another three months before it trickles down to company level.

    • OND JAG says:

      And another 2-3 years before state issues the new uniform.

      I don’t miss the Guard.

      • SSD says:

        I hope the transition will be smoother than that.

      • Bmfv says:

        And they won’t let us wear it until every has it too. Coming off active duty to a start up infantry unit in my state. I was issued a pistol belt, Vietnam style Kevlar helmet, Alice pack and all woodland ta-50 ( those last two things I liked) It took over a year before I received anything molle. I didn’t get a ACH until two years ago. And they have took and reissued me an IBA three times for “need purposes” whatever that means. This is all since 2009, the nightmare isn’t the undisciplined units. It’s the supply chain and the good idea fairy kicking officers in the nuts up at state so they can have a bullet for their OER. I miss active then maybe I could use the “open door policy” to go talk to my CSM to find out what the new pattern is.

        • Kyle says:

          “Vietnam style Kevlar helmet”??????

          • Eric says:

            I would think he meant an older style PASGT helmet with the strap lining, which isn’t really Vietnam, but a shame to be issued in 2009 regardless. ACHs seem to litter surplus stores, even in Europe. Perhaps someone in charge of logistics should look over their priorities. 😉

          • Griz says:

            I guess he means the PASGT. You know. That one we wore until around 2003.

            • Bussaca says:

              I hate to tell you this.. But the PASGT is still in Circulation/Issue.. NG/Reserve units can still be found with TA-50.. Current budget concerns aside, 5-8 years ago you still couldn’t get gear. Much less justifying gear today.. M16 in dis-repair, no/little ammo to train, M9’s rattling apart, and 550 cord and 50 m/h tape holding everything together…

              I agree with above statements.. Say what you will about NG/Reserves being unskilled/undisciplined. This attitude is systematically being feed to the soldiers from the top down, via statements/ working environment/ lack standards, that they are second class soldiers.. The Army has no money for you.. for anything..

              And then you wonder why no-body shows any effort/discipline.. When your command doesn’t even care if their unit looks like crap, it’s gear makes them combat ineffective, or have pride in their units.. Why should the individual joe give a crap. When things are so heavy handedly stacked against the average soldier, it’s hard to achieve.

  3. Ryan Connelly says:

    Just tell us!

  4. CPTP says:

    Ugggghhhh. The wait is killing me!

  5. Red says:

    You just love stringing this out as far as possible, don’t you SSD?

  6. John B says:

    Real Tree AP Pink?

  7. bulldog76 says:

    oh well to the internet !!!!!!!!

    • DanW says:

      I Googled “New Army Camo 2014” and didn’t see anything related to an announcement

  8. CAVstrong says:

    ….well played sir, well played.

  9. Sal says:

    Goddammit SSD, stop teasing us!

  10. DanW says:

    Or you could tell us and end the click bait articles.

  11. Explosive Hazard says:

    Oh yea let me just send a message to my brigade CSM over Facebook because you know we are good pals and all. Yes my BDE CSM has a FB, we are not friends.

  12. MAC says:

    How about we name a camouflage pattern and you simple say NO if we are wrong? How about SSD?

    Lets try ‘East German Snow Camo’

  13. Dave says:

    I have this odd feeling that if it was OCP it would be all over where to find it.

  14. Jon OPT says:

    This literally has a high percentage of weight on whether I stay over 20.

    Jon, OPT

  15. 32sbct says:

    I Am a CSM and I have heard nothing. I’m with my brigade and command CSM and they also heard nothing.

  16. MAC says:

    If the CSM doesn’t know….Its Lies…All Lies.

  17. Big Bob says:

    What?!? Big Army having information that people want and not sharing it? Say it ain’t so…

  18. MAC says:

    We’re all getting UCP berets.

  19. Dan says:

    This is lame… thanks for getting us all excited with your little secret.

    • It’s not SSD’s little secret. It’s the Army’s. We have been getting a LOT of email asking what it is and Admin posted this in order to hep guys look in the right place.

  20. RJ says:

    “Aight men, we’s getting the newest, latest, Army Universal Multi-flauge pattern. Don’t go buyin’ nothin’ yet, only issued eeeeequipment in this here outfit!” – is about how it’s going to go.

    • Bussaca says:

      Absolutely.. Even if it were announced this very second.. you couldn’t wear it.. who do you think you are, john wayne?.. When supply issues it to you.. then and only then, right after the wear out date on UCP comes.. then you can wear it..

  21. bulldog76 says:

    just used a connection of a connection its pretty much what everyone thought it was ….

    • OND JAG says:

      Die, SSD sock puppet!

      • bulldog76 says:

        what O.o ???? im gonna go with ssds wishes and im gonna let ssd or the us army let the word out but now that i know im gonna be hated arent i

        • Deputy/Veteran says:

          hahaha bulldog. I want to know, but not that bad to hate you.

        • YourMom says:

          I don’t think SSD cares at all if you let the cat out of the bag. He just can’t do it. He can’t burn bridges and betray sources or contacts to the detriment of his job. We care less about your job. Tell us. 😉

          • SSD says:

            I could do it, but it’s not my place. The Army leadership will hopefully soon share that strategic communication they’ve been crafting for the past few weeks.

            • John b says:

              Make a decision, any decision. A wrong decision made now is better than a 100% fact supported decision made tomorrow.

              This I learned in IOBC.

              When I became a staph officer, I learned that that a 51% decision now was better than a 80% decision later.

              Seems to me like there are a lot of supply poofs who need a do not promote on their OERs for this CF.

              • Lucky says:

                In the absence of orders, kill everything…. Or in this case, in the absence of information, riot lol

    • Greg says:

      What did everyone think it was O_o I feel confident that it’s either scorpion, multicam, or a pixelated multicam. I’m cool with all of those, but the uncertainty is killing me.

  22. OMAR says:

    Im going to ask larry vickers …….. delta should know………..

    • Cav Guy says:

      Well played.

    • SSD says:

      LAV will just call me.

    • straps says:

      SMUs give 2 shiitz and zero fuux about what Big Army wears at this point.

      They’re well past point and laugh at this point.

      They may be planning a money misssion so everyone can buy a few sets for Admin use and such.

    • William9487 says:

      SMU’s could give a rat’s ass what the Army’s uniform camo is.

  23. Deputy/Veteran says:

    Interesting. I have a friend who is a Captain and he hasn’t heard anything. Hmm.

  24. Dev says:

    MultiCam – camouflage of the Free World

  25. William9487 says:


  26. Steve from the Army says:

    I get it, he means ask YOUR SM as in all of ours(in the Army). And the last I heard was back in October SMA Chandler made it pretty clear the Army chose Multicam, or the family thereof. I’ll get right on looking him up on AKO and send him an email to confirm.

  27. Deputy/Veteran says:

    my source said Multicam, there happy

  28. armypa82 says:

    Let’s ask the more important question – will we be able to wear sleeves-up like the old BDUs?

    • SSD says:

      Now you’re thinking. But since they aren’t changing the uniform, just the paint job, my guess is “No”.

      • Terminal Cherry says:

        Subtle/not so subtle hint there SSD?

        • William9487 says:

          No, I believe SSD was saying “now you’re thinking” as in thinking too much and thinking too much is a bad thing.

          • SSD says:

            No, I meant that those are real questions to pose to the Army leadership.

            • Mike86 says:

              I wouldn’t think we’ll be able to roll our sleeves up since our sister service is already allowed to. It will also help in distinguishing who’s in what service.

            • xdarrows says:

              Recommendations on how to pose such questions in a way that is both effective and non-suicidal to one’s career?

      • JBAR says:


      • armypa82 says:

        Actually I’m just being whiny since I’ve Ben chafing in this heat lately while in garrison

        • Terminal Cherry says:

          No, no. I meant was it a subtle hint towards what the camo will be? “They aren’t changing the uniform, just the paint job”. Interesting.

          • BillC says:

            We’ve always known that. ACU is the cut, whihle UCP is the pattern. The army has said many times they are keeping the cut, ACU. So it’s not a hint. I am assuming that you were thinking Multicam because of the not changing the cut statement because we already have Multicam/OCP in the same cut, ACU for deployment.

          • armypa82 says:

            I know – I was being a bit facetious. SSD gave me exceedingly far more credit to my intellect than he should’ve. I’m dumber than your average bear. In any case, I like the USMC cut instead of the rip-roaring velcro and chunky monkey cut of my ACUs

            • HardChawger says:

              When I was in Afghanistan in 2012, the SMA stated he was considering modifying the ACU based on NCO/soldiers opinions.

              • Bussaca says:

                And did he give you a cookie.. Did he pass a hat around for sujestions.. is there an online address he gave you, so all the NCO/enlisted can make thier voice heard?.. like they give a shit..

                Cause they don’t..

                • Hardchawger says:

                  No, because I am an officer but my NCOs came back and told me what happened during their meeting. You want to message him, he has a facebook page. He can tell online that he doesnt give a shit.

                  • Hardchawger says:

                    No, because I am an officer but my NCOs came back and told me what happened during their meeting. You want to message him, he has a facebook page. You can tell him online that he doesnt give a shit.

                • xdarrows says:

                  The leadership clearly could really care less that Soldiers are provided with effective camouflage patterns and a uniform that is functional both professional-looking (from a form follows function perspective).

                  As for making voices heard? What value is there in the opinion of a 19yo 42A who’s only ever seen the inside of a an air-conditioned office? How about the Officers of the MCOE, in consultation with the Officers of USASOC make the call on the ground combat uniform?

                  Next question: why is the military version of the Union Boss dictating the company’s functional clothing policy?

                  Answer: there are individuals who have shirked their duties when it comes to uniforms and many other issues of policy. When the SMA and CSMs are MAKING policy, it’s another indicator that the system is broken.

  29. AGL Bob says:

    It feels like hurry-up-and-wait to me.

  30. Just a Civi says:

    Who wants to take bets. I bet that its not multi cam but a govt pattern using the colors

    • OND JAG says:

      The more I think about it, *IF* the “digital transitional pattern” actually worked, it would be the better choice because it could be integrated into the Marines’ existing uniform family as well, thus helping to achieve a standard pattern family for all services without forcing the Corps to give up MARPAT.

      But this is the Army we’re talking about, so it’s MC.

      • DanW says:

        Since there are far more soldiers than Marines, it’d be cheaper to issue Marines Multicam than it would be to issue soliders MARPAT.

        • SSD says:

          Too true but as CMC, Gen Amos said, the Marines are going to hold on to MARPAT “like a hobo with a ham sandwich.” Besides, it works for them and they are happy with it.

          • Paralus says:

            The Commandant’s 15 minutes are just about up and hopefully so will his ideas and priorities.

  31. Sgt E says:

    It’s actually the cloaking tech used by Predator. There you have it.

  32. Just a Civi says:

    What really needs to happen is the army needs to adopt Guy Cramer’s invisibility suits. In the future camo will become obsolete. But I am just A crazy civi/student

  33. Wardog says:

    So hopefully the “trickle down” effect will occur and we’ll find out in some formation, or a 1SG will finally get the word from higher and put it out to the PSGs, etc. My question now becomes, since the sleeve rolling issue is pretty much a dead horse, what boots will be authorized? Can we continue with the desert ones we’ve got, do we need to start looking at ones that are similar to the OCP-issued ones, or are we going to go with jungle boots? Then, what’s going to be the wear-out date for the UCP? Obviously everyone’s going to want to ditch UCP as quickly as possible, but for those close to retirement, will it be worth the cost to switch?

  34. Badjujuu says:

    Maybe it’s the new experimental camouflage called “woodland” with a deployable pattern in desert colors………at this point nothing, I SAY NOTHING will surprise me.

    • Steve says:

      They are in the process of “inventing” jungle boots and cotton uniforms, so it would fit. I’m wondering if anyone’s seen the pixilated transitional pattern the army times said was being field tested or if it’s AOR-universal.

  35. This guy says:

    Any word on when we may begin to wear the “mystery” pattern?

  36. Frogman says:

    It is Scorpion pattern. Talked with a CSM and he said it was Scorpion pattern and also they decided upon the black and gold pattern for the new PT Uniform. We will see a soft launch to specific units and a phase in over FY15.

  37. Bmfv says:

    It’s just an old helmet. Pardon me for embellishing a little about the helmet. Will you forgive me.

  38. Far too much foreplay going on SSD. Give to us now!

    • Josh says:

      He already did, you need to go back up and read his comment on rolling sleeves.

      • straps says:


        • Josh says:

          Read this:

          armypa82 says:
          May 17, 2014 at 01:08
          Let’s ask the more important question – will we be able to wear sleeves-up like the old BDUs?

          SSD says:
          May 17, 2014 at 01:39
          Now you’re thinking. But since they aren’t changing the uniform, just the paint job, my guess is “No”.

          • Bingo says:

            He didn’t say anything other than he doesn’t think the new uniform will be rolled up…What else do you see in that?

  39. Hardchawger says:

    I remember last year when my CSM told me it was Multicam. He said, “Chief, we should be all wearing Multicam shortly.”

    Then the decision was never made on the Army birthday, NDAA came out and the Army did not counter propose Crye’s offer. It is either Multicam and some variant of it. Army birthday is less than a month away.

  40. Damon says:

    Is it AOR or Marpat?

  41. Hardchawger says:

    SSD, Were the patterns included in this link; looked at? Why cannot the US Army adopt these?

    Digital Multi-terrain Camouflage
    Digital Multi-terrain Camouflage (DMC) is a camouflage pattern family roughly based on Crye Precision Multicam. Designed by Crye Precision, it is a pixelized version of the popular digital pattern. The family consists of three patterns: DMC Desert (DMC-D) for arid environments; DMC Transitional (DMC-T) for semiarid to transitional environments (using the Multicam colorway), blends in well in all environments; and DMC Woodland (DMC-W) for woodlands, jungles, and green zones. The U.R. Army, Air Force, and URSOCOM both make use of DMC-T for organizational clothing/individual equipment (OCIE) and personal protective equipment (PPE), as it blends in with both DMC-D and DMC-W. It is also used by the U.R. Army as a garrison pattern when not deployed. The U.R. Marine Corps and Navy print OCIE/PPE in coyote brown, which also works with all three patterns. The URMC prefers to use DMC-D in spring/summer and DMC-W in autumn/winter as a garrison uniform, and rarely make use of DMC-T.

  42. Hardchawger says:

    I re-read the Army Considers Marine Corps Camo article on military dot com and I think this will be the final outcome

    “But Army officials don’t want to pay Crye $24.8 million in royalties to use MultiCam, according to an Army source familiar with the effort.
    Caleb Crye, the executive director of Crye Precision, did not respond to an interview request from
    As an alternative, uniform officials are planning to create a digital pattern made up of the color scheme used in MultiCam and testing it in various locations across the country during the month of March, the source said.
    If all goes well, this digitized pattern would become the Army’s primary camouflage pattern for garrison, training and real-world deployments, the source said.
    The second part of the camouflage strategy involves adopting the Marine Corps desert and woodland patterns to be used as needed for specific operating environments around the world, the source said.
    The move may be an attempt to calm congressional criticism of the services of wasting millions on service-specific camouflage patterns as lawmakers continue to wrestle with massive defense spending cuts under sequestration.”

  43. Mike Perry says:

    SSD, is there a time frame on when we can expect an announcement?

  44. tictac says:

    Soo… you are saying that you know, the army knows, some senior NCOs know, and the shadow knows.

    But the Army is keeping it officially under wraps for some reason.

    So if we ask up the chain, we just might make enough noise for the Army to just go public and say what they are doing for once. Right?

    • SSD says:

      By all evidence, the Army is committed to this COA. They will announce. Give them a little breathing room.

    • D says:

      Not to mention, there’s probably a small percentage of Soldiers that even know about the camo trials. There’s just not that many people asking their COC about this because they don’t know or don’t care.

      If you’re in or going to Afghanistan, you’re already wearing OCP. If you’re in ARSOF, you’ve been wearing Multicam for years or wearing whatever you want anyway.

      Don’t get me wrong; I really, really want to hear the news, but there’s no rushing the Army unless a journalist wants to burn a bridge and leak it.

      • SSD says:

        Oh, I don’t have any bridges left with PEO Soldier. The thing is though, that I’m a former Soldier and it it just isn’t the place for SSD to break this news to the Army ‘s Soldiers. Their leaders should do that.

        • D says:

          I’ll say that you’re right, but the number of leaders that even know that they’re getting “new” camo is pretty small. I respect your decision.

        • anothersoldier says:

          SSD, the Army leadership has miserably failed us to the point where we come to you for guidance and wisdom.

        • William9487 says:

          I’d have to agree with “D” on his point about the number of soldiers that are following this or happen to know that the Army is changing camouflage patterns at all.

  45. bigsaage says:

    We’ve given them years of breathing room already…enough is enough

  46. Explosive Hazard says:


    Are you happy with the Army’s decision and not just because it is a decision and a conclusion to the camo fiasco?

  47. Lcon says:

    It’s Tie-dye!!
    !The army will issue White ACU’s a Earth Tone Dye set and whole lotta Rubber bands man….

    • Greg says:

      Hell, lets just issue white uniforms. Where ever we go we can stop, get smoked on that terrain, and then presto, camo uniforms perfect for that terrain.

  48. Anthony says:

    No offense. But I think SSD does not really know the truth. I really do not see any reason why you would make such a claim and leave everyone else salivating. Sounds like a kid I used to know in grade school who use to make wild claims but hold back to get attention.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve spoken with several people about it. They’ll be more than happy to tell you if I was wrong.

  49. Comprehension says:

    SSD, on the last post regarding this Charlie Foxtrot in camo selection I mentioned a brief conversation by phone with Crye. Is it safe to assume Crye had reason to sound positive when I was speaking with them? I must mention, they did not give me any solid answer…just reason to believe.