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ADS Federal Range Day – Tru-Spec


Tru-Spec’s 24-7 Series Quick-Dry Contractor Cap is made from 100% quick-dry moisture wicking polyester with mechanical stretch and anti-microbial properties and 50+ certified UV protection. Laser-cut holes throughout the shell fabric adds breathability. Adjustable for one-size-fits-most, and loop faced for attaching patches.

Available in Black, Khaki, Olive Drab, and MultiCam.

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8 Responses to “ADS Federal Range Day – Tru-Spec”

  1. Joe says:

    How bout availability in White, and Red too? You know, range masters get hot too. :/

    • Jester says:

      Just wear a different color. I haven’t worn a red hat on the range a day in my life and no one mistakes me for anything other than the range master.

  2. Mike Mike says:

    be nice if you could click on the links on their website to check it out or buy it…..but guess that aint happening

  3. Luke says:

    Color me interested. I’ve been looking for a good nylon hat but if the price is right I might give this one a try as well. OD is getting harder to find, glad they are going to offer it.

  4. One size fits most….

    This is always bad news for me. I need a XXL hat.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Me too. LG-XL flex fit hats give me a headache after 5 minutes. Fits most my arse!

  5. Pantac USA says:

    Check out Viper Headware they make fitted hats even for bigger sizes that are awesome and all made in the US. Best ones I have found.