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Want To Know Which Camouflage Pattern The US Army Picked?

Ask your Sergeant Major, he knows should know. In several commands the CSM has already informed senior NCOs of the Army’s decision.


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  1. Hank Jr. says:

    I just asked a full-bird and his CSM. Both said they recently attended a meeting where this announcement inadvertently became the core discussion. Neither one would come out and say it, but they both seem to indicate scorpion.

  2. Vince says:

    And, the next question is… How do we buy stock in Crye Precision? Better get in while the gettin’s good!

    • Hardchawger says:

      If the Army did not take Crye’s proposal, how could it be Crye?

      • Comprehension says:

        Maybe because the Army hasn’t been honest with the soldiers within its ranks for so long, Army figured what was more bullchit fed to a few more people? Handies and knob gobbling is not often done in open or broadcasted within CoC. There probably is no one answer to the conclusion of this Charlie Foxtrot…just saying. All I know is I miss the days of wearing Class A into McDonalds and getting a free damn coffee!

        • Hardchawger says:

          Comprehension, so true. I been serving for nearly 25 years and times sure have changed. I wore Multicam in Afghanistan and recently saw the arid and woodland patterns of it online but I just do not think it will happen due to the NDAA. Anyway, I am PCSing to Korea shortly and I have other worries to think about. 😉

      • SSD says:

        A lot has happened since that incomplete report. By report, I mean story. only got part of it.

        • Hardchawger says:

          So what has happened? I think you can illuminate us to what has transpired in regards to the incomplete report. So the testing that started in late March/April was just a waste of taxpayer’s dollars?

          • SSD says:

            That’s an opinion question but I’d say “yes”. We’ve been wasting money since 2004.

            • Joe Schmoe says:

              So much for BLUF. That could be said about a lot of things. Weapons trail, Uniform trial, among a slew of other things. That being said, you’re killing me smalls! Ah well, I can wait. Waited this long, what’s a few more years?

  3. IhateUCP says:

    So, we won’t be able to wear our sleeves up, got it. The ACU uniform cut will stay, got it. You cant tell us what the final product is, got it…. Will you at least tell us if it’s a digital pattern or a traditional pattern like the old Tri-Color BDU?

  4. endwahl says:

    It’s this.

    Not the pattern on the uniform, the one on the couch.

    • Vince says:

      Holy shit, it does work! At least for couch warriors that is… No offense, Chair Force.

      • Derek says:

        I used to have a photo of a guy in desert MARPAT standing in a corner matching ugly wallpaper. So matching ugly [email protected]# with camo is not exclusive to the ACU. Not defending, just saying…

  5. Matt says:

    It’s going to be a dye packet with 3 colors and you tie dye your ACU. A light green a dark tan and a coyote this creates a completely confusing and irregular pattern that is both cost effective and allows soldiers to take pride in thier uniform.. all jokes aside I have always thought that service specific field uniforms were a waste of money what should happen instead is that you get issued the color and pattern for the environment you are based at and or operate in.

  6. Jason says:

    I am a TPU in a Reserve CA unit and we were told by the S4 and CSM in our Command and Staff that the new uniform is Multicam. No word on whether it is the improved Mutlicam discussed on SSD or the UCP we are currently using in theater.

    I am stoked either way because I hate the ACUs and have hated them since I found out the old BCU/DCUs were being switched to the crap cammo pattern. If the Mutlicam is true, then I am glad Crye is going to make a buttload of money. They actually researched a great cammo pattern and I use the pattern hunting (ACUs would never be used for hunting unless it is snipe hunting in a parking deck).

    Anyone else told the same thing this weekend or this week?

    • Jason says:

      Sorry I meant OCP rather than UCP. UCP still sucks and makes me feel like a tool whenever I wear it. I think this could be a huge impact to morale to the force. Will help make us feel like a soldier rather than someone who is wearing a non tactical uniform.

  7. Just A Civi says:

    at 28 million for the buyout price is that not cheap for the US Army. The US spends between 550- 499 billion in defense a year that is like pennies to the dollar. Right ?

  8. HOLLYWOOD319 says:

    And here I am, just bought I a new set of ACUs. I was literally waiting for some kind of news and never got it. Then I went and got a new set. Two days into my TDY and BOOM SSD gives me the good news.

  9. IhateUCP says:

    To me that sounds like MARPAT printed on an ACU cut uniform. If correct I’d be happy…until summer when I saw the Marines with sleeves up

  10. Hardchawger says:

    I just saw this on PEO and I at least though PEO would acknowledge what SSD provided to his readers.

    Gregory Rhys Warmoth
    So… I’ve heard that a new camo was chosen to replace the terrible UCP. Any insights on this PEO?
    Like · · May 17 at 1:32am

    PEO Soldier The decision is up to Army senior leadership.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 7:12am

  11. Rob says:

    Even though the new camo has been picked, I have a question about the NDAA. It speaks of pattern design, never color. Could a current pattern design be recolored to create a family or expand an existing family while following the letter of the law?

    • SSD says:

      You sound like a lawyer. Consider this. If that were the case then the USMC, US Army and US Navy would all be in the same pattern.

  12. MAC says:

    So its been a week. Anyone run into one of these SM or Senior NCOs who is in the know? There is no way they could keep this a secret if its out there…

    • IhateUCP says:

      I asked the CSM today; got told “We’re going to 3 different uniforms with a different pattern for our kit”…He had no idea that COA got canceled months ago. I’m giving up, again.

  13. Glorybound says:

    So- is this all lining up for an Army Birthday Announcement? That would seem very convenient.

    I’m surprised that this the only place, from what I can tell, that this has leaked. Silence everywhere/everyone else.

    • SSD says:

      Pretty much everyone at SOFIC knew. It’s definitely common knowledge.