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SOFIC 2014 – Revision Military

Revision Military is debuting two new products at this year’s SOFIC, the Expanded Batlskin Head Protection System, and the Prowler Military dermoskeleton which was developed in collaboration with B-TEMIA Inc.


Batlskin Viper Front Mount

Revision’s Viper Front Mount features an interchangeable center piece system which allows the user to swap the receiver component and utilize various NVG interface plates. The Front Mount also acts as the MPAS platform, allowing integration of the full line of Batlskin Viper components such as the Interlocking Long Rails and Mandible Guards.


Batlskin Viper Interlocking Long Rails

Revision’s Viper Interlocking Long Rails attach to the Front Mount and allow for quick and easy attachment of cameras, lights, and other head borne accessories. The rails are sized specifically to fit small, medium, large, or extra-large helmets. Now available to order.


Batlskin Viper High Cut Helmets

Revision’s Viper A1 and P2 High Cut Helmets are designed for optimal compatibility with communications headsets. The ACH-shaped Viper A1 High Cut is now available in all sizes. The Viper P2 High Cut will be available in early Summer.


Batlskin Viper Three-Position Visor

Revision’s Viper Three-Position visor clips into the Front Mount with a simple, one-handed movement, and can be worn in three configurations: locked, vented, or up. The Visor features high-impact protection and maximum field-of-view while remaining scratch, fog, and chemical resistant. An optional gasket provides a seal between the Visor and helmet. The Viper Visor will be available in early June.


Batlskin Viper Mandible Guards

Revision’s updated Mandible Guard provides best-in-class lower-face protection in a strapless design that’s lightweight and quickly attaches to the Front Mount without the use of tools. The Guard is easily tilted downwards in varying degrees from improved sight compatibility, eating, and drinking. Pressing the mandible against the chest resets it to its original position. The Mandible Guard will be available in early Summer.


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Prowler Augmentation System

The B-TEMIA / Revision Prowler is a near skin, lower body motorized soldier protection device worn on both legs. It is designed to increase the metabolic energy reserve of soldiers while preventing short and long term musculoskeletal injuries. The Prowler distributes the load across the entire body from the upper body to the lower legs, circumventing the load around the knee joint which is proven to reduce applied stress to the knee by 1/3 under combat load conditions. The Prowler has been tested through the US Army NSRDEC Human Augmentation Program and SOCOM’s TALOS Program.


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12 Responses to “SOFIC 2014 – Revision Military”

  1. bulldog76 says:

    so when i can get this for heavy chores on the wifes to do list

    • straps says:

      If the honey-do list involves ballistic torso coverage you’re in the wrong marriage and/or the wrong real estate market.

  2. wrj says:

    Honey-doos are a never ending mission creep beyond the scope of work outlined in the original proposal.

  3. Invictus says:

    Is it wrong that I want to stuff a Recon Industries GPS/Bluetooth HUD in there and use it for a motorcycle helmet?

  4. Eddie says:

    Excellent, now to invent a rifle sight that accounts for the increased face distance away from rifles. XD

    • straps says:

      Done. Check the scopes and sights available for the scout rifles.

      And shortly thereafter, maxilofacial armor will be viable when eyewear has a targeting reticle broadcast to it (a not-so-nice application for Google Glass that already exists in early beta), and looking down a bore is an Old Man Trick akin to establishing location by using a map, protractor and compass to shoot a resection.

      • H.C. says:


        Would be good at night when soldiers do 99 percent of their engagements with a PEQ-15 anyways.

  5. Joe says:

    I’d like to know how they solved the extreme fogging and heat issue.

    • GMK says:

      I doubt that they have.

    • Riceball says:

      It’s probably open at the bottom which would help to eliminate a lot of fogging I’d imagine and it would certainly help with heat too. Either that or it’s vented on the bottom which would help with the fogging but probably not so much with the heat.

  6. paul says:

    I love the eyepro under the eyepro. I bet that doesn’t suck.

  7. JDAMboom says:

    Eyepro under eyepro is a little over the top, however it is excellent security for the eyeballs Paul.
    Riceball, the unit is open underneath a little and the lenses are coated with excellent anti-fog.
    Joe, heat may be an issue but I’m sure that fans are on the way when they integrate a manportable power unit that powers up the IFF, NVG and radio.