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SOFIC 2014 – Tactical Revolution

Tactical Revolution has introduced a weapon mountable ballistic shield for use with weapons in fixed positions that do not have a more elaborate gun shield.


The AJAX Armor System is intended to protect the gunner from enemy fire into his shoulder area which is more lightly armored than the chest. Consisting on a Picatinny rail mount and armored 46100 steel plates, AJAX weighs 1.46 lbs per mount and 3.6 lbs per plate. Naturally, this means it’s meant for use in fixed positions but it can quickly be mounted and dismounted from the weapon.


Available through International Armored Group and manufactured by Tactical Revolution, LLC

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12 Responses to “SOFIC 2014 – Tactical Revolution”

  1. Gregor says:

    Army of Two anyone? The shielded M240 would perfectly work with the Bolivian police helmet

  2. BillC says:

    Let’s talk about that suppressor too, while we are at it.

  3. bulldog76 says:

    shit i need one for my ar lol

  4. John Henry Savage says:

    Now thats innovation for you…

  5. Lcon says:

    I smell Call of Duty Upgrade!

  6. Thomas says:

    So we are going back to WW1 technology? I guess you can call it oldschool…..

  7. Chicken Legs says:

    Like it!

  8. Rus says:

    Great idea, but I don’t want to be humping around an extra eight pounds (on the end of 240!) up the side of Mount Killemallo in Stanland…

  9. CM says:

    Gunshields for AR15/M4/M16 Available for Over 10 Years

    • Bob says:

      Well it seems like a new idea because nobody bought it then, and nobody will buy it now.

    • The site mentioned above has some interesting information on it. The product shown there has good intent, although the design is problematic. It is the design and the functionality, not the idea, that failed to catch on.

      The AJAX Armor System is similar in intent, but drastically different in design. Both designs are intended to stop projectiles. However, AJAX differs in various ways. Firstly, the AJAX Armor System is designed to attach to ANY weapons platform with standard side rails in less than 10-seconds per side, without the use of tools. This means you can use it on a M240, M249, MK46, MK48, M4, M16, etc. However, this particular AJAX Model “308” Armor System is intended for fixed firing platforms such as vehicles, defensive fortifications, base of fire, checkpoints, etc. – not for running around with.

      Additionally, AJAX does not interfere with your effective line of sight, nor does it interfere with any weapon mounted optics, etc.

      Also, AJAX is fully collapsible, meaning that it can be streamlined for transport, or removed entirely from the weapons platform in less than 5-seconds per side. There are two parts to each side: an armor plate, and an armor mount that attaches to the side rail of the weapon. Each has a quick-attach/quick-detach feature, meaning the plate can be attached or removed from the mounts at any time within seconds.

      The AJAX Model “308” Armor System is designed to defeat at a minimum (6) impacts per side from a 7.62 x 51mm M80 NATO ball projectile from 50-feet away. This system has actually defeated a .338 Lapua Magnum projectile from 100-meters.

      The ability of the AJAX system to bleed off the ballistic impact is incredible. The original test rail is still being used to this day, and it has absorbed hundreds of rounds from testing. This same capability also reduces blunt force trauma to the warfighter, preventing battlefield casualties.

      Feel free to view our high-speed test video:

      SOFIC 2014 was a huge success for the AJAX Armor System. It will soon be fielded, and many lives will be saved.