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Tactical Assault Gear’s Basic Loadout Bag

Tactical Assault Gear’s basic loadout bag is a large rolling travel bag that has just under 7000 cubic inches of storage space, that includes 4 large removable mesh storage bags. With a letter of justification, the Army just purchased 9,464 of these from TAG for RFI.


Chris Osman, the founder of TAG said, “this is a great order for us and is one of the many reasons I decided to return to TAG, six months ago. I have always enjoyed working directly with end users and procurement offices on opportunities like this. I am very proud that our military cares about procuring Berry Compliant quality products for our troops and an order of this magnitudes proves that.”


3 Responses to “Tactical Assault Gear’s Basic Loadout Bag”

  1. RA says:

    Chris, can I get a free bag if you have any overages?

  2. Scubasteve says:

    while your handing them out, ill take one as well.

  3. Vince says:

    That’s funny, I know Chris too. Can I get a discount?
    -Just kidding. It’s an old joke with TAG. I still can’t find my t-shirt Chris.