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TRU-SPEC Adds Two New Patterns From The MultiCam Family To Popular TRU Line

Marietta, GA – July 24, 2014 – TRU-SPEC®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has added the MultiCam Tropic™ and MultiCam Arid™ patterns, developed by Crye Precision, to their popular Tactical Response Uniform selections, designed to meet the unique needs of Tactical Professionals, Law Enforcement and Special Operations personnel operating in high-risk environments.

MultiCam Arid Patrol Cap -3354

The MultiCam Arid™ pattern was developed to effectively reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in desert environments, which predominantly consist of open sand and rock. This particular palette compliments and overlaps portions of the main MultiCam® pattern; so pairing the apparel results in a well coordinated, functional concealment system.

MultiCam Tropic Patrol Cap -3355

The MultiCam Tropic™ pattern was developed to reduce the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating in dense jungle environments; areas that predominantly consist of lush vegetation that remains relatively unaffected by seasonal changes. Much like that of the MultiCam Arid™, the pattern’s palette compliments and overlaps portions of the main MultiCam® pattern; allowing for overlapping and coordination.

“TRU-SPEC® is thrilled to once again partner with Crye Precision and INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand team to expand our offerings of MultiCam® through our TRU line of apparel,” stated TRU-SPEC® Vice President of Marketing, Darrell Jacks. “We continue to offer all of our tier-one law enforcement, special operations and tactical professional units a line of trusted apparel that matches their performance in ensuring our safety.”

The MultiCam Tropic™ and MultiCam Arid™ patterns join TRU-SPEC®’s current offerings of MultiCam® and MultiCam Black™. The new patterns will be available through selected TRU-SPEC® dealers at the end of August 2014. Visit www.truspec.com or facebook.com/TRUSPEC to find a dealer near you.


27 Responses to “TRU-SPEC Adds Two New Patterns From The MultiCam Family To Popular TRU Line”

  1. Subandsand says:

    About time, the only place I’ve seen Arid or Tropic offered besides Viper Headwear has been Ur-Tacticaldotcom in Hong Kong.

  2. Granitestater says:

    Any idea when Crye Precision’s clothing will come out in the new patterns?

  3. Mitchell Fuller says:

    Good for those that need it, funny, the open market is getting what should have been the Army’s new camo patterns (although not exactly the same as patterns provided for phase IV).

    I’m sure it will be a good seller for all parties involved, and CP may need additional revenue for possible legal battle re Army’s Scorpion 2 being almost like MultiCam…..

    As a person who buys 10 to 15 pairs of TRU-SPEC BDU and TRU trousers a month for myself and crews now if TRU-SPEC can:

    1. Work on getting consistent sizing within sizes. Recently received 3 pairs of trousers where one leg was an inch longer then the other leg, from thigh pocket, to knee reinforcement, to leg opening…… it was like half of a regular length was sewn to the other half of a long length trouser.

    2. Modify BDU / TRU patterns to put some room where needed when you sit down, I have to take them all to Saigon Tailors to have room added in the crotch, extra material added is tapered down to the knee, we buy large size jackets in same fabric to use for material for gusset.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      I think all would be well if they were cut to ACTUAL, US Milspec patterns/sizes for BDU (not ACU!). It seems like a like a lot of Third-world sewing operations just can’t wrap their heads around the actual SIZE of Westerners..or they are just trying to scrimp pennies on fabric costs.

      • Haji says:

        Sizing variance has a lot to do with how they’re cut. They cut a stack of fabric at a time, so it’s typical that the ones on the bottom vary from the ones on the top, because a blade flexes as it cuts. That’s not to forgive the issue, just the reason it happens.

    • Whit says:

      I agree. I’ve soured on Tru Spec BDUs and TRUs because the sizes aren’t realistic. Plus, the ones i’ve tried to wear are low waisted, like they were made for sale in a woman’s shop in a mall.

      I gave my teenage son all my old BDU pants to wear. So, I bought him some Tru Spec BDU pants in the same size as my old BDUs that I had bought at clothing sales. The Tru Spec pants were too small! Rediculous!

      • SSD says:

        Ok, so if you know this, buy up one size.

        • Whit says:

          I know it now, but didn’t know it when I bought it. Several pairs of pants had to be returned, which was a hassle. I’ve also got two pair in the closet that couldn’t be returned.

          I suppose I could buy up a size, but every time I look at a pair I think “will they fit, or do I have to go through the hassle of a return?”

    • TRU-SPEC says:

      Mitchell, we’d be interested in getting a hold of those defective pants. Email me at [email protected] and let’s get this sorted out.

  4. Veronica says:

    I think the arid variety looks beautiful. Camouflage is art.
    The Tropic looks great for darker areas/general purpose.

  5. Hardchawger says:

    Today, this US Army multicam release was mentioned today. Here is a blurb of it on military . com

    The U.S. Army has selected a new camouflage pattern, but the service doesn’t feel the need to formally announce it.

    Read more: http://kitup.military.com/2014/07/army-stays-quiet-army-camouflage.html#ixzz38UXA875Q
    Kit Up!

    • SSD says:

      Once again. A story about nothing.

      • Hardchawger says:

        SSD, you are right and I just mention it here because you can see what is being stated and can easily refute anything with your inside connections. I look forward to your next Scorpion article.

        • SSD says:

          The only thing I will refute is the assertion made by some that the Scorpion W2 pattern has recently been changed to more closely resemble MultiCam. I have received no information to indicate that this is the case. It has been seen at a printers by a colleague of mine and he indicated that he could discern the differences between the two patterns. They are similar but distinct.

          • Hardchawger says:

            Will it be an issue that once Scorpion is approved for wear, that I will run into issues if I wear my FRACU multicams that were issued to me?

            • SSD says:

              I am expecting guidance regarding this question once they announce the transition plan.

  6. CAVstrong says:

    Random sort of related questions….. does anyone have or are there any large images (wallpapers) of the new multicam patterns? Arid, Tropic, Alpine and Black?

    I’d be very interested to see some of these….

    • Riceball says:

      I don’t know there are any or not but even if there aren’t it shouldn’t be too difficult for a competent Photoshop artist to modify an existing Multicam poster to the new colorways.

  7. jjj0309 says:

    I was looking for green-dominance camo and seems Multicam Tropic would be a great alternative to Cadpat, which is really hard to find.

  8. AssaultPlazma says:

    Why has Propper been so slow on getting new multicam items out. I mean they havent even released anything in multicam black and thats been out for some time now.

  9. Somaro says:

    I like Tru-Spec. They make good uniforms and the best tactical pants.

    But I don’t like the new Multicam. We use PenCott in GreenZone for Europe and South america now and think about PenCott Sandstorm for our desert operations.

  10. CAVstrong says:

    Late hour follow up…. any word on Scorpion Bookends?