88 Tactical Offers Civilian SERE Training

First off, I have to address their name. 88 Tactical isn’t some nefarious code for something that would turn my stomach. Started in 2009, it’s made up of guys with a history of public service in the military and law enforcement. They are based in Nebraska and you may have seen them on one of the “survival shelter” shows on cable.

Second, I’ll address what they do. Aside from the usual firearms and tactical training, the guys at 88 Tactical are working to make a name for themselves in the bushcraft and survival arenas. There is definitely a demand for Survival training in the civilian market. But, I’ll address a concern some of you will share with me. 88 Tactical offers what they refer to as SERE training (Survive, Endure, Respond, Excel) but some of their courses, which I won’t cover here, are offered to select LE and civilians only, so this isn’t all open enrollment training. You’ve got to have the credentials to get more in depth training.

Of their offerings, Intro to Survival Skills is a good starting point. It’s a one day course with some basic classroom followed by “dirt time” where you’ll get hands on experience in these areas:

Survival mindset
What to do in a wilderness emergency
Choosing the proper equipment
Personal Survival Kits (PSK)
First Aid Kit (FAK)
Choosing proper cutting tools
Man made fire starters
Safety considerations
Shelter construction
Building fires
Signaling rescuers
Procuring water

SERE Level 1 builds on those basic skills in a two-day course featuring an overnight in a shelter built using techniques taught in the course. Topics include:

Water procurement
Personal protection
Tool care
Land nav and making movement
Weather dependent skills

88 Tactical’s SERE 1, “Rural Ops” from 88 Tactical Group on Vimeo.

SERE Level 2 is an intermediate course that once again takes place in the field over a two-and-a-half period. You have to have completed their Level 1 course and the instruction goes into more depth in these subjects:

Personal Survival Kits (PSK)
First Aid Kit (FAK)
Choosing the proper cutting tools
Safety considerations
Sourcing food and water
Camp selection
Knife and saw use
Knots and hitches

This video, gives you an idea of what this course is about.

88 Tactical’s SERE 2, “Escape from Metropolis” from 88 Tactical Group on Vimeo.


23 Responses to “88 Tactical Offers Civilian SERE Training”

  1. zig zag says:

    When the first thing you have to say is a disclaimer that your company’s name isn’t some “nefarious code” that’s probably a big red flag that you might have made a poor choice. Thus far, only neo-Nazis have used the term “88”…

    • Ray says:

      and army truck drivers…. err i mean Motor transport operators.

    • SSD says:

      They didn’t put in the disclaimer, I did and it was so that someone wouldn’t immediately jump in and try to associate them with white supremacists …. Like you just did. Apparently, comprehension doesn’t come natural to you.

      • Tierlieb says:

        Zig Zag never said that the company owners wrote the disclaimer. He just pointed out that if enough people feel the need to point it out, the owners did make a mistake. You adding that disclaimer shows that he’s got a point.

        Your reading comprehension seems to be as bad as you believe Zig Zags is.

        Note: Defending your potential advertisers is a good habit. But make a point not to insult your readers, either. You need both to make money.

        • SSD says:

          Im a very good reader, I read exactly what he wrote. In fact, I’ll painfully point it out for you.

          “When the first thing you have to say is a disclaimer that YOUR company‚Äôs name”

          It isn’t MY company and I don’t consider them potential advertisers. They’re just somebody I wrote about. I don’t run my website that way. I’m just trying to keep the folks who wear tinfoil hats off the site. Once again, I don’t need those readers. They attract a bad element. Plenty of websites for them to visit.

          If you can’t read, don’t comment. If you’re obsessed with BS, don’t comment. Attitude adjustments are free. BTW, tierlieb might not mean what you think it does.

          • Greg says:

            If in doubt, do some research. The owner/founder is a Nebraska cop and has been for years. He left law enforcement for a few years to build a successful company and has since returned. In the meantime, he started 88 Tactical. If you check on the company website, the “88” came from Nebraska police code for “situation secure” which relates to what 88 Tactical does in the training and tactics realm as well as what Signal 88 Security has done in the security world.

    • Shea Degan says:

      Zig Zag,

      I am the owner of 88 Tactical Group and am a current law enforcement officer in the State of Nebraska. “Signal 88” is police code in the State of Nebraska that simply means, “Situation Secure,” or “All is Safe.”

      In 2003 I started a company called Signal 88 Security and began franchising the business throughout the United States. So far we have over 140 franchises and are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Signal 88 Security has been named one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. Because of the national foothold with this business, and the extreme success I have experienced, I named my tactical organization “88 Tactical Group.”

      Maybe in the future you could do a little research on the company and the group of individuals involved prior to making such an ignorant statement. After all, one of the many things we detest most about “neo-Nazis” is the very thing you’re engaging in.

      • subchasr says:

        The vids look pretty cool. If I had the time and cash, I’d head to Nebraska to partake in some training.

  2. Kaos-1 says:

    In nebraska, 88 is law enforcement radio code for “situation secure”.

  3. JohnC says:

    Not that I’d assume, or even think there was much chance at all, that was the reason they picked it; just that, from professional experience, the second, more nefarious, meaning does enter my mind (I guess a bit like the way I associate “370” with the missing Malaysian flight, at least for now). Most people don’t, I suspect. And I’m glad they weren’t dissuaded by the second meaning: Because 88 is a pretty awesome number, and I don’t want it diminished one jot by a bunch of fuckwits (kinda like what happened to “Madonna”).

  4. Jack T. Ard says:

    88? The arrogance of those bastards, that’s the atomic number of radium and radium makes you sick. I’m shocked they didn’t think of that and how it might be considered offensive to all who live in fear of radiation poisoning. The owner should be forced to change the name and perhaps sell the company….oh wait, he’s LE from Nebraska? (Well then, i’ll prudently fold myself into an zigzag-themed origami swan and flap my easily-offended ass elsewhere to find someone else to shit upon before I understand even the slightest bit of background and context of the subject at hand.)

  5. airborne fister says:

    So the guy opening up the hatch in the sere 2 video. (correct me if I’m wrong) but didn’t he open it up wrong? Arn’t you supposed to grad the hatch and pull it towards you body? So the top hatch is laying against your body. Since opening it up and exposing your whole body across the opening. Probably isn’t the smartest thing while you buddy cannot stick his rifle down the hole of the hatch to cover you. i mean maybe i was taught wrong. So please correct me if i am!

  6. Justin says:

    I appreaciate the effort to seperate and distinguish the name of this company from white supremacy groups but the fact is that I have to deal with them every day as LE so when I see “88”, it has no other meaning. With nothing on the website to indicate what the significance of the term is to them and knowing how these groups are attempting to proliferate their agenda through other means, having a small note regarding the company’s name origin would be appreciated.

  7. tomatokilla says:

    I just realized I didn’t know about the association between 88 and the Nazis nor the law enforcement code…I like the radium theory too!

  8. Riceball says:

    88 is also the second favorite number of a lot of Chinese because 8, because of the way it sounds, is considered to be a lucky number much like 7 is in the west, and the only thing better than 88 is 888. So maybe the owners are Chinese and went with 88 because they thought it sounded better (in English) than 888.

  9. Cornfed says:

    Having taken SERE 1 from 88 Tactical I know first hand it’s probably as far as you can take a “civilian” SERE class without legal issues. (Which is unfortunate). Prior to taking the class I had several retired military friends try to talk me out of it. I was aware of how severe (actual) SERE training can be and was still eager to take the class.

    I’m both an avid hunter and also someone who lives in an area known for crime. The training I got from SERE 1 has changed the way I act in both environments. I’m much more aware of my environment and my tactical options with regard to my concealed carry in an urban environment. In the field I’m much more comfortable venturing further away from civilization than I had in the past. The confidence and knowledge I gained from SERE Help make that possible. When I can iron out my schedule to take SERE 2 I’ll jump at the chance.

    Strangely the LAST thing I thought about was the name of the company I trusted my life with. Having met the instructors before in my CCW class and their reputation in the community, it was a no brainer. Interesting to see this thread so focused on that point.

  10. Zulu6 says:

    These civilian programs are horribly misnamed. As a former SERE instructor I know what’s in the community curriculum They should stop using “SERE” which is a very loaded set of training. It should be called civilian Survival Courses… there is no need for a civilian hunter or regular LEO to have the “E-R-E” component unless they are high risk of capture by a foreign enemy/terrorists. Its just an abuse/corruption to make it tacticool. Ugh!

    • SSD says:

      I understand where you are coming from. However, read post:

      SERE (Survive, Endure, Respond, Excel)