OR Summer Market – Sierra Designs

Last year Sierra Designs introduced the Pack Trench, which a long rain coat that offers a from the bottom zip flap that allows you to wear a pack waist belt and lay the front flap of the coat over the belt. It’s a great design and I’ve been wearing one when I need a longer trench-style coat for about 6 months.

At Summer Market, Sierra Designs introduced the next generation in lightweight rainwear.


It consists of a cagoule-style top with the same waist belt flap of the trench and a set of rain chaps. When paired with a longer jacket like this cagoule, chaps are a great idea. They eliminate the crotch area that rips and causes heat buildup. Made from 40D coated fabric, these are a great lightweight alternative to many rain suits.


Coming Spring 2015 from

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3 Responses to “OR Summer Market – Sierra Designs”

  1. patrulje says:

    A$$less chaps, can’t go there (I was army not navy)

  2. tirod says:

    Long pullovers work, and the chaps make a good idea better when you are traversing in rainy weather. I get the pack belt slips thru slots to hide under the jacket and stay dry.

    Tell us about the belt – tracer stitched with a decent buckle may not be a mechanic’s best friend, I’m not a mechanic.

    Tell us about the belt.