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John “Shrek” McPhee Introduces Gunfighter University


John McPhee aka Shrek aka Sheriff of Baghdad is a top-tier firearms trainer. Now, he’s launched an entirely new way of providing feedback to shooters. Gunfighter University utilizes analysis of video of the shooter combined with online feedback. McPhee has been using the Coach’s Eye software for several years now and has even been recognized by Coach’s Eye for his innovative methods.

But, Gunfighter U takes the whole thing to a different level. McPhee offers an affordable option for those who can’t make it to a formal class by offering individualized coaching based on the videos you provide. He’ll take a look at the mechanics of your shot (stance, presentation and grip) and recommend changes. Additionally, he continues to offer class enrollment for those so inclined.


His methodology is straight forward. It’s a three-strep process that can be accomplished virtually anywhere you can shoot your firearm and record yourself.


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6 Responses to “John “Shrek” McPhee Introduces Gunfighter University”

  1. Kyle H says:

    Glad to see John release his new website. He helped me dig deeper into shooting technique and analysis. He even took time to review my videos that I sent to him on Instagram before this website was live.

    Highly recommended that people enroll in his video diagnostic services.

  2. Kramerica says:

    Mr. McPhee can teach bumbling idiots to shoot. I am proof of his skills as a sensei.

  3. Mike B says:

    Give John a 5 second video of you shooting 2 rounds and he will fix you. Those 2 rounds + his instruction made me better than 5 years and 1,000s of rounds spent developing bad habits. “Video don’t lie!”-John Mcphee

  4. Anthony says:

    This is a great opportunity for those that cannot travel or don’t have big money for classes. John is leading the way by leveraging technology and giving shooters near instant coaching.

  5. JB says:

    SOB is the real deal. Shooting experience measured in decades, not years. Combat experience measured in years, not months or days (or in some instructors cases, hours.)

  6. VIKN says:

    The gunfighter U should also incorporate the AAR with the VIKN System then it would be complete. If anyone wants me to send the video links , let me know and I will be glad too.