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A Look At USSOCOM’s Human Performance Program from a CCT Perspective

In this USAF video by Andrew Arthur Breese for AIRMAN magazine, we get an inside look at USSOCOM Human Performance Program from the perspective of Combat Controller SMSgt Kenneth Huhman. I remember when he was a SrA and he was a great young man, very fit and full of potential. Well, these ensuing 15 years or so have taken their toll on him. Fortunately, the days of “take some Motrin and suck it up” are going away and sports physiology and medicine are rightfully being applied to our combat athletes. The Human Performance program is helping Special Operators like SMSgt Huhman overcome injuries and reach their full potential. Hopefully, one day soon, programs like this will be available for military personnel.


5 Responses to “A Look At USSOCOM’s Human Performance Program from a CCT Perspective”

  1. tackleberry says:

    Cool stuff.

  2. Notorious F.O.B says:

    Precursor to the SPARTAN-II Program

    • Shepherd says:


      If I saw anything resembling the ODST’s in my lifetime, I could die happy.

  3. mcs says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Really neat seeing this sort of thing implemented.

  4. JOe says:

    This is something the Army or Navy might never have done. I hope the USAF really drives this program hard in order to see the results we can only dream of.