Tactical Tailor

My Man Cave Needs This




22 Responses to “My Man Cave Needs This”

  1. Badjujuu says:

    This needs a NSN#

  2. Patrick says:

    Needs a tactical recliner.

  3. SGT Rock says:

    My units team room needs this.

  4. Maskirova says:

    Wait is this OCP or OCP? Looks like OCP to me from here.

  5. PbLead says:

    Just don’t put it out to the curb or you’ll never find it again, unlike the current BS camo we have now.

  6. Haji says:

    I’m curious what kind of girl gives up the tactical trim on a OCP (or is it OCP or OCP?) man cave couch.

  7. Riceball says:

    So, what is the military nomenclature for this? Sofa, tactical, 2 person, OCP?

  8. aessu says:

    It’s just MOLLE. Pockets not included.

  9. Desert Lizard says:

    It should be called the “Sofa – King Tactical” .

  10. Amorphous Blob says:

    What? I don’t see anything…