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FibroTex & Tactical Trim Team Up To Offer Operational Camouflage Workshop

Monday, March 14th, 2016


Earlier this month, during Enforce Tac, I met with German company Tactical Trim and one of the brands they represent, Israeli firm FibroTex. In addition to walking me through some of their multi-spectral camouflage solutions, they mentioned that they were hosting an Operational Camouflage Workshop in Germany this Spring in Winterberg and would be interested in attendees from qualified military/police organizations.


Attendees will get hands-on experience with items like the Nightwalker suit.

If you’re interested in attending (and yes, all attendees will be vetted) contact

Enforce Tac – Tactical Trim / FibroTex

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


Tactical Trim is a Berlin company and is displaying their wares in another Berliner’s booth, TAC WRX. Tactical Trim represents the Israeli company FibroTex and their camouflage capabilities are some of the most exciting things I’ve seen at Enforce Tac. Above on the left is the Nightwalker suit which is a lightweight (550g) overgarment that can quickly be donned to provide IR suppression in the 3,000Nm-5,000Nm and 8,000Nm-12,000Nm ranges. It’s also breathable. Below, you can see the face veil made from the same material. To help protect the eyes from detection through the slits, they recommend wearing eye pro.


Offering full spectrum camouflage, FibroTex is vertically integrated. They not only mill their own fabric, but print it as well as manufacturing finished soft goods under the Fightex line which include such items as reversible uniforms.


They offer dual-sided printed fabrics as seen here in this hooped sniper’s hide bivy. Not only will they print different visual patterns but they’ll also use their library of patterns and reflectivity data to offer the correct level of reflectivity in the IR and UV spectrums as well. And that capability may differ per side. Everything they do is bespoke.


They are also displaying a FibroTex Ghillie suit.  The uniform is FR and in the new Dutch pattern.

1947 LLC Announces Partnership With Tacticaltrim

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

  3/1/161947, LLC located in Portsmouth, RI USA is pleased to announce a partnership with Tacticaltrim of Berlin Germany.

Tacticaltrim is licensed by 1947, LLC to offer the suite of MULTICAM® fabrics & webbings to EU and EMEA countries. Tacticaltrim will assist EU and EMEA companies with fabric procurement FOB Germany. By handling duties, credit terms, VATS and transportation costs, Tacticaltrim will make the ordering process more efficient for companies located in the before mentioned regions.

Companies are free to contact 1947, LLC directly with pricing, fabric inquiries or any information regarding the MULTICAM® pattern. The Tacticaltrim partnership does not refrain companies from buying directly from 1947, LLC however Tacticaltrim will streamline the purchasing process for EU/EMEA clients.

The MULTICAM® hang-tag and sew-in labels will be fulfilled by Tacticaltrim for these purchase orders.

Please stop by Booth 9-305 at the IWA Outdoor Classic to say hello March 4th – 7th.

My Man Cave Needs This

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014