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IWA 18 – FibroTex Camouflage Kit Sophia

Friday, March 9th, 2018

This is a sneak peek of the new Kit Sophia, a completely new way of providing individual camouflage from FibroTex.


Each kit is 50cm x 50cm and comes loaded with a cartridge containing 30 running meters (3 meters wide) of mesh material.


It is a crushed 2D, reversible net which offers Viz, NIR and TIR concealment. Because it’s reversible, it can be used in two different environments. Because of the material’s flexibility, it can be used to camouflage individuals, fighting positions, static vehicles, sensors, supplies, etc.


Look for full details soon.

Fibrotex’ Annual Multispectral Camouflage Workshop –8-9-10 May 2017

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Unseen, unbeaten!

Fibrotex Technologies, and Profile Equipment are happy in invite your unit to participate in our annual multispectral operational camouflage workshop. As last year, the workshop will be held in Winterberg, Germany and will include Static & Mobile, Team & individual camouflage systems. This year’s first focus is on the operational practical aspect of how to build and Where to best place the systems to be able to integrate completely with the environment by ‘getting your hands dirty’ and using all the systems. Our second focus this year is on Mobility, introducing our 2nd Gen Mobile kits on moving platform and show casing the ability to dramatically decrease the signature of moving platforms, alongside present & future threats presentation and more.

As technology is very accessible nowadays, not always by the ‘right’ people, we are facing a whole new world where not only advanced friendly militaries and governments but also paramilitary groups and terror organizations have access to ‘state of the art’ tactical devices. With this ‘new’ component in the equation and the fact that there are major gaps between what the units need and what they actually have, we often find ourselves in an inferior position in the battle field.

By testing the systems in the workshop with your tactical devices and the training on how best to use them with the environment, we would be able to introduce some new tools to overcome these obstacles. There for we urge you to bring your sensors to the workshop (UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR-TIR and RADAR) and hand test the gear.

This year, we are happy to host an Israeli Sniper & Pneumatic Simulator Company. We will have an indoor shooting range where you would be able to shoot at Static & mobile targets with a variety of weapons (including your own if present).

Due to the nature of the workshop and the discretion of the attendees, all participants are required to stay onsite throughout the event. We provide and recommend the all-inclusive, onsite arrangement, including meals, drinks, basic (army style) sleeping arrangement and running hot water for showers.

It will be a pleasure to see you at the workshop. As places are limited and for logistic purposes, please RSVP before March 31st. After which will you we receive an invitation letter by name.
Best regards,

Eyal Malleron
Fibrotex Technologies

Pike Moerland
Profile Equipment

For full details, including registration information, download this .pdf.

Fibrotex – Personal Modular Camouflage

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

This is Personal, Modular, Multispectral, Multifunctional Camouflage (UV-VIS-NIR-TIR- RADAR … and more) from Isreal’s Fibrotex.


Click to view .pdf

The concept is to have a single system that will be carried on each and every Soldier in the battlefield, could be used in many operational uses by itself or to be connected easily to each other creating a non limited size of 2D, Reversible, Multispectral camouflage system.

The system is very light in weight at less than 1 kg and very small in size (Rolled ~60 cm length X 10 cm diameter, unrolled ~1.8m X 2.5m).

On top of the 2D reversible multispectral personal net Fibrotex has now added the following operational functions:
-Standalone post (soft or harden edges); either as a wall or a standing screen, or on the ground as an individual OP
-Connected to each other with a quick connection system and create a camouflage system as big as needed
-Backpack cover – the system is designed to be used on the backpack/equipment as a camo cover if desired – as seen in the pictures
-Emergency stretcher – by using the loops, one could be carried on the net surface used as an emergency soft stretcher

As with other Fibrotex systems, the pattern could be chosen individually and create the Mix-and-Match requested.

FibroTex – Multispectral Camouflage Workshop

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Last month, Israeli company FibroTex held a Multispectral Camouflage Workshop in Bergsee, Wintenberg, Germany.


Twenty-two active operators attended the event, including snipers, recons, and mobile personnel from six major European countries.


The purpose of the workshop was to educate the troops on the ‘what’ of camouflage: camo available on the market, threats, and how to protect oneself against opposing forces using camo. The workshop also focused on re-explaining Multispectral ranges and threats – UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, Thermal, and RADAR – and introducing SWIR capabilities and users, and how to protect against SWIR. The workshop also had the benefit of reinforcing cooperation by European SOF units, who shared and exchanged information, and contact details for future collaborations and training.


the workshop included:

· Multispectral threats presentation existing in the market today (Military & Civilian)

· Emphasizing on the latest threat – the SWIR presentation

· Operational camo lecture by ex ISTC instructor (9 years) which was held in a Cave

· “kill zone'” demo, where the attendees were entered into a ‘kill zone’ exposed to suits, op, and FibroTex’s mobile/modular system

· Day & Night spotting competition (using all devices brought by attendees)

· Handouts of all the educational material (both by hard copies and digital formats) to take back to the units

The workshop was the first of more planned for next year and beyond, with the next workshop tentatively planned for mid-February 2017. These future workshops will include Urban, High altitude, desert battle zones camouflage solutions and an operational camo seminar.

FibroTex & Tactical Trim Team Up To Offer Operational Camouflage Workshop

Monday, March 14th, 2016


Earlier this month, during Enforce Tac, I met with German company Tactical Trim and one of the brands they represent, Israeli firm FibroTex. In addition to walking me through some of their multi-spectral camouflage solutions, they mentioned that they were hosting an Operational Camouflage Workshop in Germany this Spring in Winterberg and would be interested in attendees from qualified military/police organizations.


Attendees will get hands-on experience with items like the Nightwalker suit.

If you’re interested in attending (and yes, all attendees will be vetted) contact

Dutch SF Wearing Fibrotex Fightex Uniforms for Mali Deployment

Friday, March 11th, 2016

During Enforce Tac we shared a few photos of signature management products by Fibrotex. The uniform used in conjunction with the ghillie suit is an FR garment issued to Dutch SF in their new digital pattern.

Offered in the Netherlands by Profile Equipment, these garments are intended for wear in hot weather and the proprietary fabric is treated with Permethrin as well as being FR.


The ripstop weave fabric is a blend of four different fibers. Additionally, stress points and slotted buttons are bartacked and they’ve incorporated wide belt loops for duty belts as well as height adjustable kneepads in addition to easily removable labels and washing instructions to prevent irritation.

For more info, visit Profile Equipment.

Enforce Tac – Tactical Trim / FibroTex

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


Tactical Trim is a Berlin company and is displaying their wares in another Berliner’s booth, TAC WRX. Tactical Trim represents the Israeli company FibroTex and their camouflage capabilities are some of the most exciting things I’ve seen at Enforce Tac. Above on the left is the Nightwalker suit which is a lightweight (550g) overgarment that can quickly be donned to provide IR suppression in the 3,000Nm-5,000Nm and 8,000Nm-12,000Nm ranges. It’s also breathable. Below, you can see the face veil made from the same material. To help protect the eyes from detection through the slits, they recommend wearing eye pro.


Offering full spectrum camouflage, FibroTex is vertically integrated. They not only mill their own fabric, but print it as well as manufacturing finished soft goods under the Fightex line which include such items as reversible uniforms.


They offer dual-sided printed fabrics as seen here in this hooped sniper’s hide bivy. Not only will they print different visual patterns but they’ll also use their library of patterns and reflectivity data to offer the correct level of reflectivity in the IR and UV spectrums as well. And that capability may differ per side. Everything they do is bespoke.


They are also displaying a FibroTex Ghillie suit.  The uniform is FR and in the new Dutch pattern.