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Dutch SF Wearing Fibrotex Fightex Uniforms for Mali Deployment

During Enforce Tac we shared a few photos of signature management products by Fibrotex. The uniform used in conjunction with the ghillie suit is an FR garment issued to Dutch SF in their new digital pattern.

Offered in the Netherlands by Profile Equipment, these garments are intended for wear in hot weather and the proprietary fabric is treated with Permethrin as well as being FR.


The ripstop weave fabric is a blend of four different fibers. Additionally, stress points and slotted buttons are bartacked and they’ve incorporated wide belt loops for duty belts as well as height adjustable kneepads in addition to easily removable labels and washing instructions to prevent irritation.

For more info, visit Profile Equipment.

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25 Responses to “Dutch SF Wearing Fibrotex Fightex Uniforms for Mali Deployment”

  1. Chris says:

    The dude with the pistol… obviously never shot a pistol before or he must hate his left thumb…

  2. Ipkiss says:

    Dutch SF (commandos at least) wear multicam and this pattern doesn’t look like the NFP pattern (which is still not in use) either.
    I will try to get some more details.

    • spacebert says:

      They did use multicam, but have switched to this pattern instead.

      • Ipkiss says:

        Well, at least for this mission. But they are also known to be experimenting. We’ll see.
        So far they have been quite happy with their NFM garments and multicam in general.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    Hmmm – that camo pattern is neither MultiCam nor NFP. It looks like some kind of roughly pixelized knock-off of MultiCam – more like a transitional version of the new Spanish camo. Probably one of the hundreds of in-house patterns in Fibrotex’s portfolio…

    • SSD says:

      According to Fibrotex it is proprietary to Netherlands

      • Strike-Hold says:

        Well that’s interesting – cuz it sure isn’t NFP….

      • The article from Profile Equipment mentions they developed the camouflage pattern specifically for the environment (Mali).

        So it has nothing to do with NFP, which is developed by the Dutch MOD in cooperation with TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).

    • Reseremb says:

      Looks like the Spanish pattern with Multicam palette (actually the Spanish pattern is exactly Multicam but with Woodland/Desert palettes and “squaredish” borders)

  4. R says:


    Another photo of the pattern. This time you see the ‘normal’ jacket, instead of the UBACS. It’s a different jacket than the one NFM designed.

  5. BAP45 says:

    Are any other manufactures going to start using this fabic or is it still too early to tell? Sounds pretty slick

  6. D.B. says:

    It’s likely that pattern is a derivative of Multicam and licenced to Crye, the similar way they licensed current British army’s MTP and Australian army’s Multicam-derivative.