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Fibrotex – Personal Modular Camouflage

This is Personal, Modular, Multispectral, Multifunctional Camouflage (UV-VIS-NIR-TIR- RADAR … and more) from Isreal’s Fibrotex.


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The concept is to have a single system that will be carried on each and every Soldier in the battlefield, could be used in many operational uses by itself or to be connected easily to each other creating a non limited size of 2D, Reversible, Multispectral camouflage system.

The system is very light in weight at less than 1 kg and very small in size (Rolled ~60 cm length X 10 cm diameter, unrolled ~1.8m X 2.5m).

On top of the 2D reversible multispectral personal net Fibrotex has now added the following operational functions:
-Standalone post (soft or harden edges); either as a wall or a standing screen, or on the ground as an individual OP
-Connected to each other with a quick connection system and create a camouflage system as big as needed
-Backpack cover – the system is designed to be used on the backpack/equipment as a camo cover if desired – as seen in the pictures
-Emergency stretcher – by using the loops, one could be carried on the net surface used as an emergency soft stretcher

As with other Fibrotex systems, the pattern could be chosen individually and create the Mix-and-Match requested.



2 Responses to “Fibrotex – Personal Modular Camouflage”

  1. Rob says:

    Like a ww2 german zeltbahn?

  2. Attack7 says:

    Hmmmm, I’ll stick with MMI’s product = works, even against the Red Star’s capabilities!