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IWA 18 – FibroTex Camouflage Kit Sophia

This is a sneak peek of the new Kit Sophia, a completely new way of providing individual camouflage from FibroTex.


Each kit is 50cm x 50cm and comes loaded with a cartridge containing 30 running meters (3 meters wide) of mesh material.


It is a crushed 2D, reversible net which offers Viz, NIR and TIR concealment. Because it’s reversible, it can be used in two different environments. Because of the material’s flexibility, it can be used to camouflage individuals, fighting positions, static vehicles, sensors, supplies, etc.


Look for full details soon.



One Response to “IWA 18 – FibroTex Camouflage Kit Sophia”

  1. Unimog says:

    Be nice to see that sewn into a oversuit like the older Soviet mesh ones.