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Enforce Tac 18 – TPG Black

TPG Black is Tactical Pro Gear’s Made in USA line. In fact, it’s all made right there in Boynton Beach, FL. At Enforce Tac they showed their new Rapid Deployment Plate Carrier, the RDPC1.

It incorporates 3 built in magazine slots at the front as well as an Admin pocket.

The shoulder and waist attachments are their new SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) Buckles. The vest is available with the full cummerbund seen here featuring built in armor panels, or an elastic version with built in mag pockets.



2 Responses to “Enforce Tac 18 – TPG Black”

  1. Lt. Dan says:

    Do those buckles make one better at SERE-ing?

    If so, how much better? 10%? 20%?

    If so, is there a money back guarantee if you get caught and put in a bamboo cage?

    What is the speed to drag ratio for those buckles?

    Please advise

  2. Alex says:

    Do the buckles only release in one direction? Looks like it from the photos.