MDM – Wilcox Ind – Raptor Lite ES

Wilcox Ind recently released the Raptor Lite ES.


It integrates a 300 lumen SureFire light as well as an eye-safe visible laser and dual IR laser and flood. All modes of operation (including visible light) are variable intensity with on-the-fly control.

Available now through all Wilcox dealers.


7 Responses to “MDM – Wilcox Ind – Raptor Lite ES”

  1. Jake Sebens says:

    Does it still have the delay between pushing the switch and the light coming on? That makes it kind of a hard sell if white light is your primary mode of operation.

    The IR parts are pretty good, though.

  2. Rasmus says:

    Is it possible to swap the old 80? lumen surefire head out with the new 300?

    • SSD says:

      Contact Wilcox customer service to help you out. The answer is yes, but there were some software changes.

  3. Mate says:

    Now if I just came with a green laser…..

    What´s the battery life with the lumen upgrade?

    Also, what Jake said.

    • SSD says:

      The intensity is variable so mileage depends on those factors. We spoke with a Wilcox engineer and he said to expect more than 7 hours.

  4. Chuck Mac says:

    Dude….how many times are they gonna “release… re-release” this ?