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Polish SOF Using A-TACS FG


This US Army photo is of Polish SOF during a recent trip to Ft Bragg to train with 3rd SFG(A). You can see their A-TACS FG clothing and equipment.

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49 Responses to “Polish SOF Using A-TACS FG”

  1. Anon says:

    ATACS JPC? Interesting.

    • BS says:

      It’s not Crye JPC. It was ripped off here in Poland when one unit requested this kind of lightweight plate carrier. There are some slight differences in construction but in general, it’s rip off.

  2. wojtek says:

    It’s local copy of crye jpc

  3. zach says:

    Anyone that frequents has known this for months.

    • Notorious F.O.B says:

      back to the airsoft field with you! back!

      • zach says:

        What about my comment tells you I play airsoft?

        • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:


        • mike says:

          besides you frequenting and your question that wasn’t a firm denial?

          Probably the fact that you’re fighting the urge to correct him and call it MILSIM.

          • zach says:

            Hey FOB and Mike, you guys are worse than anyone that you put down due to the fact that you love feeling superior to others by bashing them. Why do you come to this site? How is it any different than No I don’t play airsoft or any variant. Go troll other sites and pounce on anyone that asks a kit question so you can feel better than them.

            • mike says:

              I come to this site for information about gear. It’s the industry I’m in and it’s beneficial to my job. My job is to help people with kit questions and I don’t give them a hard time. You didn’t ask a gear question, though.

              For someone who thinks I “love feeling superior” you sure showed up quick to knock the Admin by saying “Anyone that frequents has known this for months.”

              You seem to be projecting your need for superiority on others.

              • zach says:

                Is it beneficial to your job to bash airsofters here and surplus store troll with your buddies since they probably buy many of your products? Sounds like you gave them a hard time. Your few other comments I’ve seen don’t seem like your being helpful as much as you are trying to sound intelligent and show off your psychology degree. The reason I originally commented was because I was surprised this was news to people. You as much as anyone should appreciate that there are many reasons people buy gear.

          • balais says:

            Quit being a cocknozzle

            Who cares if somebody likes airsoft or not? who made you the fucking arbiter of whats cool or not?

    • BS says:

      You sure abouut those pics? These are from Noble Sword 2014 FTX.

  4. bulldog76 says:

    atacs fg is used by an a sf unit that means i have to get it to be an operator !!

  5. Jerry Des says: – “RedRiver – Plate Carrier Vest – Multicam” by Polish brand RedRiver. 589 PLN = about 180$. There are few diffrences comparing to Crye Precision JPC. ATACS-FG was firstival made only for JWK Special Unit and will be avaible for civilian sell also (but later).

    • Toinou says:

      RED RIVER sells the JPC (well, the Plate-Carrier Mod. 1 technically) in A-TACS, and has been selling it well even before JWK ordered them in this color (they were previously wearing a MultiCam one over their A-TACS uniforms).

  6. Eric B says:

    What sidearm do the Polish SOF units carry? I can’t tell from the angle what the guy on the left has in his holster.

    • Ike says:

      Looks to be the standard Polish sidearm, a WIST-94 pistol. Could be H&K, though; Polish forces use many guns, like their SOCOM counterparts do.

    • Toinou says:

      JWK uses the H&K USP SD (mostly), the standard USP and the GLOCK 17. All three in 9x19mm.

  7. Invictus says:

    Am I the only one who appreciates ATACS for it’s proficiency in hiding dirt and stains?

    • Matt says:

      Mainly HK USP to their own discontent. Formoza (Maritime SOF) uses Sig226 with some saltwater-proof coating, also there are Glocks 17 here and there but generally USP is the standard.

    • PbLead says:

      No, you are not the only one. I used it on an FTX as OPFOR and it worked exceedingly well in the Texas environment. You really couldn’t tell that it was dirty, IMO that’s a good sign for camo.

  8. Jbgleason says:

    Guy on left has a rear BUIS but no front. What is up with that?

  9. Kris says:

    Still wondering what environment fg works in I haven’t seen a place yet personally

  10. Nick says:

    Funny, was talking to the Polish guy in my class about his multicam uniform and he mentioned that their SOF started wearing it and it was soo cool now everyone has it and its like meh.

  11. jack says:

    I always liked the look of atacs. Au or fg. The atacs guys at SHOT were friedly enough. I’m glad someone is using their pattern. Airsoft or not.

    • SSD says:

      These guys are real.

      • jack says:

        Wasn’t suggesting they weren’t real. Just seems to be some hate to anything not multicam. Everything else gets lumped into the airsoft crowd

    • AssaultPlazma says:

      Dont play airsoft myself but sometimes watch it myself on youtube. Someone remind me again why everyone hates airsoft?

      • mike says:

        I don’t think people hate airsoft.

        I think that people, especially people who have seen intense hardship and lost people close to them, intensely dislike children “playing” war and talking about their sick killz and kosher DEVCAGPARAMSRTALPHAGROMKSK kits and how NO ONE COOL WOULD EVER DO THAT or THAT IS NOT WHAT DEVGRU DOES (as if they would know).

        I’ve personally witnessed a 13 year old tell a Team guy that a carrier was not correct for a SEAL, after the guy jokingly asked about whether the carrier was right for his SEAL-impression, and in a very rude and dismissive manner. He then ran to tell him friends in the next room how this herb didn’t even know what SEALs wear. I thought the guy was going to smash the display case he was standing next to.

  12. majrod says:

    I’ve always liked ATACS. Never understood why they weren’t part of the Camo Improvement Program. Then again it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

  13. Angry Misha says:

    It’s good to see that all that military assistance funding we’re giving them is being put to good use (sarcasm).

    In the mean time, USASFC won’t let Group have 416’s and we have to use our MFP-11 if we want OPS CORE FAST Helmets.

    • matty says:

      You guys have to use MFP-11?! It just got put in SPEARS for us. After two damn years of helmet failures. Is USASOC not following WARCOM in approving the FAST for you guys?

      • Angry Misha says:

        USASFC is not entertaining anything that “Service Common ” satisfy. Case in point;

        MK-11; Gone because the M1110 is free
        MK-16: Gone (not a big heart break) because the M4 is free
        MK-13; Gone because the XM2010 is free

        And I’ve even heard rumblings of dropping MICH for ACH, and PCU for service common as well.

        So, I presume that you’re with WARCOM, hence why you’re getting the Maritime FAST issued. Yeah, we tried to buy off your contract and you all acted like a spoiled kid who didn’t want to share his ball. You also can get swimmer cut stand alone plates etc. So, we either buy it, or when we can, acquire it by other means

        • SSD says:

          Active Duty ARSOF were issued Maritime FAST. But, they’ve also transitioned to ACH instead of MICH. It’s mainly used by support guys though.

          There was a period of time where PCU was stopped due to ECWCS Gen III but it’s back on again.

  14. balais says:

    and what does this camo do that others wont?

    the gucciflage trend needs to die

    • Haji says:

      Its green, they’re in Poland. ATACS-FG has been around for a little while now; it’s not a brand new pattern. I imagine it was fairly easy to source, too.

      Most of the alternate cammo patterns now were developed for the CIE. If that had worked out like it was expected to instead of the mess it became, its pretty obvious why the development money was spent. That contract would have been a VERY big deal.

  15. Craig says:

    I think that ATACs-FG, is my favorite current camo pattern, and 2d, maybe even 3rd favorite behind “Ad visor” VN Tigerstripe and then the ERDL camo.

    I think it works well, and used the Tigerstripe AND ATACS-FG both, with pretty good results in Afghanistan.

    I just wish more people made GEAR in the ATACS-FG. Have a Ares Armor “E&E” bag that I/we used primarily for a LZ/PZ type marking kit bag. Worked GREAT, just could have used 1 or more pouches, and (at least at the time) no one was making anything 🙁