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Dynamis Blade Now Available for Order

During Blade Show we gave you a preview of the new Dynamis Blade, a collaboration between our friends Navy SEAL Veteran Dom Raso and ABS Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler. They’ve known one another for years so when Dom decided to create a fighting knife he immediately turned to Daniel, who has a great reputation in the SOF community for offering high quality, specialized blades.

DA Blade Detail

Blade Specs:

-CPM3V Steel
-3.75″ cutting edge
-Single or double edged, depending on your preference
-Textured rubber handle with subtle Dynamis Shield print for both forward and reverse grip fighting (A Winkler Knives first)
-Skeletonized tang beneath the rubber grip for balance
-Jimping on the thumb ramp, under the hilt, and on the pommel to improve purchase
-Thumb ramp

There is also a Red aluminum trainer knife available with smooth edges.

DA Blade Sheath 2

Dynamis Alliance also worked closely with S&S Precision to offer a new sheath that is responsive, intuitive and optimized for close quarters self-defense and concealed carry. It is designed to accommodate ambidextrous carry (forward or reverse grip) and features rounded edges for comfort while in the waistband.

DA Blade Sheath

Right out of the gate, Dom acknowledges that the clip for the sheath of the Dynamis Blade is based on a Tracker Dan. Simply put, it keeps the sheath in place.

DynAmis is also offering a minimalist sheath for Mil/LE customers that is designed to fit in a vest’s Kangaroo pouch via Velcro (hook on one side and loop on the other) . It’s Kydex with felt lining for reduced noise.

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11 Responses to “Dynamis Blade Now Available for Order”

  1. Mick says:

    That background is so dark it’s almost hard to see where the handle ends and the dark fabric begins. Otherwise, a very sexy blade…

  2. mikek says:

    It needs a hilt to be a good fighting knife. There’s a reason you don’t see a knife like this in a medieval war museum.

    • PNW_Tree_Octopus says:

      The knife has a lot of influences from sayoc kali, not medieval times where dudes would just body slam in armor until one fell over.

      • mikek says:

        I do kali, and we don’t use knives like that. The hilt is important for grip in every angle. If you see grand tuhon Gaji, you see he carries a CRKT m16 folding knife. One of the few that has a hilt worth a anything.

        The best trainer knife BTW is the boker applegate rubber trainer. Just the right stiffness but won’t injure practicing stabbing. 2 for $16 on amazon

        • Greg says:

          Just to be really anal here, it has a hilt. The hilt on a knife is a comprised of the grip & pommel, and if it’s present a guard. Perhaps you mean a guard?

          • mikek says:

            Yes, the guard. My terminology was a bit off. It keeps the hand from sliding onto the blade when stabbing and provides a good grip in the pikal angle.

            Hit bone with a bloody knife with this and your hand will be out of action.

            • Mike Nomad says:

              The jimping and deep undercut at the top of the grip on this knife are for the control you speak of, doing away with protrusions that could otherwise impede some grip transitions.

              Are you talking about Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje? I’ve never seen him using a knife with a guard on it.

              • AbnMedOps says:

                If, heaven forfend, I should ever be in a knife fight, I can’t imagine attempting any “grip transitions”. I figure I’ll just be holding onto the handle like a MF’er, and desperately trying to break contact, get control of an operable firearm. find a big stick, get my buddy to shoot the guy, or run like hell. Probably all of the above. Nothing fancy.

                ?I still have a scar from screwing around with “grip transition” techniques I saw in a Mike Echanis book book 30 years ago. I ain’t Echanis.)

  3. mikek says:

    The CRKT m16 has those kit carson flipper guards and I’ve seen him with it.

    As for the undercut and jimpping, those will not do the job.

    The guards are critical for the index finger along the blade grip, which gives the most control and allows for thumb hook control techniques.

  4. Dellis says:

    Anyone who is a practitioner of the bladed arts should have more blades than socks and undies.

    I mean how many of you buy blades with the thought…..”Ok, last one!” ?