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Introducing the BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock

You’ve seen glimpses of the new BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock but now it’s here and available for order.

BCM Stock 2

BCM claims it is the strongest lightweight polymer stock for a mil-spec receiver extension. It features a new patent pending latch unlike anything else out there. Crafted from heat-treated ordnance grade steel, it’s flat on all sides to ensure the stock/receiver extension interface cannot be obstructed by dirt or debris. They say this is also strong enough to handle drops or when mortaring during malfunction clearance drills.

BCM Stock Latch Detail

One of the things that I really like about it is the snag free design, with no sharp edges. It’s not going to catch on your kit. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock also offers two different types of ambidextrous sling mounting options including QD swivel sockets. Did I mention the modular design? Five parts and One screw allow for modular adaption of future stock options and configurations.

BCM Stock Extended

BCM has also introduced the Modular VBOST (Vehicle Borne Operations Sling Tab) which is deigned specifically to work with rigger packing bands or bungees to secure the shooters sling against the stock when the carbine is not in use. Guys have been rigging their slings this way for years. BCM decided to build a stock that capitalized on it.

BCM Stock Detent

These shots of some of the BCM Gunfighters in action will give you a good idea of how it will run on your gun.

Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, and Wolf Gray. Includes integrated color matched rubber butt pad.


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25 Responses to “Introducing the BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock”

  1. Oh, great….I just spent more money. This is going on my SBR build, a BCM lower with BCM 11.5″ upper, with a Surefire SOCOM 5.56 suppressor.

  2. Rick Brannan says:

    Will they fit the mil-spec receiver extension, or do you have to buy a new one?

    • SSD says:

      I could have sworn it said that they fit the Mil-Spec receiver extension at least once.

      • Sgt A says:

        BCM only manufactures mil-spec RE’s (or now pi stol), and to me it would be silly if it wasn’t immediately compatible with the rest of their BCM line, so I’d say it’s safe to assume it will fit a mil-spec RE.

    • Mark says:

      The answer you’re looking for is in the first sentence of the article.

    • Mike in Fort Worth says:

      “BCM claims it is the strongest lightweight polymer stock for a mil-spec receiver extension.” Right there under the first photo.

  3. Adam says:

    What do these weigh? Is the rough portion on the underside the adjustment lever?

  4. kris says:

    Yep this is going on the rifle I’m building for my wife.

  5. AbnMedOps says:

    A lot of the “Flat Dark Earth” (aka brown) I’ve been seeing lately sure looks more like sand, tan, or khaki.

    • DAN III says:

      Myself, I’m FDE’ed out. I have an SBR that I’ve outfitted with OD green furniture. Some components from my parts box, no longer available by the original supplier. Unfortunately, most of the after-market folks are eliminating OD Green as color options. New manufacturers don’t offer it to begin with.

      I guess they plan on us being in Afghanistan for a lifetime.

  6. MRC says:

    Nice Low-Profile Armor Carrier! Thanks JC!

  7. Joe says:

    I’m still coming around to the 6 position stock…haha

  8. mark says:

    What knife is that in the picture? Looks like a La Griffe with a 3.75″ blade, which is something I’ve always wanted.

  9. Steve says:

    Being snag free in and of itself is reason enough to buy one IMO! I always was catching my stocks on stuff….

  10. MidgasFan says:

    I fell in love with this stock while attending Frank Proctor ‘ class this summer. His gun with the ELW barrel, 13″ KMR and BCM stock weighed in at a tad under 6 pounds. What a great feeling and tight fit in stock.

    It’s also very beard friendly which is important for me. The rolled toe also allowed for a high hold on the shoulder/clavicle for better heads up shooting.

    As with all BCM gear I’ve tried, I came away very impressed. This and the Mission First Tactical stock are by far my favorites.

    Thanks again to Mr. Proctor for letting me run his rifle through a couple drills!

  11. chuck says:

    Anyone know if it locks in place or has a friction lock/lever? Hate the wiggle and jingle of the standard m4 stocks.

  12. Will says:

    7.6 oz , not bad, there may be lighter , but not that strong I bet and sure that not that good looking too ! Wish they came in OD Green but I will just powder coat it OD and I would rather that the butt pad stay black anyway.