LAV Gives Us the Lowdown on the New BCMGunfighter Stock

Not only does Larry Vickers give us an in-depth look at the new BCMGunfighter Stock, answering some of your questions, but he also conducts one of his famous “torture tests.”

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4 Responses to “LAV Gives Us the Lowdown on the New BCMGunfighter Stock”

  1. ian Osborne says:

    great video Larry. My grandfather 2nd LT Richard E White was a bombardier/navigator on a b17 called I dood it. He bailed over Germany and spent time surviving on rats and birds in stalag luft 1 during the war until liberation. I’m sure if he were still alive he’d approve of the drop analogy.

    Love it

  2. Joe says:

    Already ordered my BCM stock to compare it to my B5 Bravo (which did well in the “big drop test”–though none of the main stocks did as well as I’d hoped).

    The ONLY issue I’ve ever had with stocks is my ear-pro sometimes getting in the way–I’ve been wondering if I should go back to a thinner stock with no cheekweld (but then, this only really is a problem shooting prone or on a bench–standing and kneeling I think I have my head up higher).
    We’ll see how this does, and I’ll see LAV at his Pistol Class in St. Augustine in January (may try to take the AK course with just my AR).

    NOTE: my mom’s dad was also on a B17–he was a radio-operator in WWII, then a postman until cancer got him at 74.

  3. cj says:

    that looks really slick, i love the options we have now with so many companies building better moustraps.

    very cool.