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AUSA – FNH Introduces CSASS Contender And In Doing So Will Offer MK 20 Commercially


At AUSA FNH USA is displaying their Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) entry. Based on the tried and true SOF Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) system, FN’s CSASS rifle is essentially the same package they developed for the Mk 20 Sniper Support Rifle selected by USSOCOM. FN also told me that the rifle would be available for commercial sale about a year from now and will be manufactured in the South Carolina plant. If you’ve been wanting an SSR, your chance is coming.


Mk 20 SSR specs:

-Hard-anodized monolithic aluminum receiver
-MIL-STD 1913 accessory rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions
-Adjustable, removable folding front and rearback-up iron sights

-Hammer-forged, chrome-lined steel
-Fully free-floating design
-The barrel can be removed and replaced by the operator to facilitate cleaning and maintenance with negligible impact on previously established zero
-Flash hider optimized for suppressed fire

-Non-folding, adjustable cheekpiece
-Length of pull adjusts without tools
-Aluminum and polymer construction

-Ambidextrous selector lever and magazine release
-Charging handle may be mounted on right or left side
-Enlarged trigger guard
-Adjustable gas regulator for use with or without suppressor to maintain felt recoil


The extended hand guard was designed to accommodate mounting of the AN/PVS-30.


The stock is adjustable for comb and length of pull.




30 Responses to “AUSA – FNH Introduces CSASS Contender And In Doing So Will Offer MK 20 Commercially”

  1. Ck says:

    Unless they can Keep it under Knights M110 pricing, this will only be taken seriously by the mall ninjas.

    • SSD says:

      Since this is for an Army solicitation in support of a Program of Record, how much it costs may not matter as much as how well it works. That all depends on the selection criteria.

      • Ck says:

        That’s true. I just can’t see it functioning as well as the new M110c ODA’s and MSOTs are rocking. Do you know if the charging handle still actuates with the bolt when fired?

        • SSD says:

          FN has a non reciprocating charging handle which was offered to DHS last year but it has not been integrated into SCAR.

    • Notorious F.O.B says:

      All the mall ninjas I’ve seen hang around the hot topic and practice flipping around bali-songs in public. Mall ninjas cant afford a $2000+ rifle

      • Ck says:

        We got all the 300+lb zert guys out here in vegas running around with Mk17’s. I got a feeling the civ model will be a big hit with them.

  2. Overwatch says:

    You mean the mall ninjas and SOCOM?

  3. Toby says:

    Well I as much as I love my SCAR H that I deployed with the MK 20 has had serious blow back and many an issue. Hopefully this system will have those issues fixed. If so I would buy one, but only with a Handl Defense SCAR 25 lower.

    • Angry Misha says:

      The blow back problem is with the can. I have heard (first hand NOT from the internet) that the OSS system is working well on the MK-20. My only wish is that when they were seeking the SCAR they would’ve spec’d compatibility with the MK-11 magazine to alleviate any DMSMS issues

    • seans says:

      Where you having guns going full auto, and random p.o.a/p.o.i shifts of over 5 minutes then shifting back?

  4. JS says:

    My two times using the OSS cans, I noticed considerable blowback…..was not really impressed.

  5. goplat guy says:

    Great news, but it needs a Geissele trigger, a Stryker Enterprises S.E.A.L. tigger module fitted with a S.O.A.M.R. and E.A.C.H. charging handle to take it to the next level in performance and compete with the KAC offering.

  6. Angry Misha says:

    On another note, I am interested to see that they are submitting this for the CSASS program as the RFP states that the material solution could be a retrofit to the existing system or a new system.

    So, as aforementioned by SSD, the material solution will depend on the selection criteria.

    Therefore, one can deduce that due to the current budgetary cuts coupled with operational drawdown, this program will either get shelved or it will be a standard LPTA with the selection criteria being rated as such:

    Applicability to the requirement

    So, Considering that the M110 is fully provisioned (TM’s, spares, etc…. oh and MAGAZINES), IF this goes through the end result will be a KAC M110K1 upper and new butt stock.

    Honestly, I got to hand it to FNHUSA on this one. They have read through the BS, refrained from investing minimal if any funding by changing “puppy” to “small dog” on their original SOCOM proposal and flipped the bird to PM-SW by submitted a fielded and combat proven system.

    • seans says:

      Proven to be a giant disaster. The MK20 has large amounts of problems. It’s absolutely hated by the community that is responsible for it. It took away the MK11 and MK12 from the white side of NSW. And there is a reason the SMUs don’t use the SCAR family of weapons.

      • goplat guy says:

        Mk20 is solid. Vanilla teams are still running it and it’s proving to be worth its salt.

        • seans says:

          Bullshit, if that was the case then the FN reps wouldn’t know the way around Atterbury as well as they do.

          • goplat guy says:

            Not going down the rabbit hole with you, bro. The internet says ‘large amounts of problems’ but cites nothing specific. Must be true

  7. KW says:

    goplat quit pushing Jim Elmazi’s products. Then quit trying to say that gun everyone knows has real POI shift issues is “worth it’s salt” This is not FNFourms.

    • goplat guy says:

      FNForum, ya loaded with armchair kids.no thanks. Not interested in throwing tampons around. find another partner. Mk20, geissele trigger is the fix. the striker kit is gtg, imo.

  8. KW says:

    It appears that striker products were reverse engineered from handl defense products. There is an SF guy on M4carbine.net who posted up an e-mail from the FBI saying this. I guess that striker guy is also not a USMC SGT like his screen name says. There is a stolen valor investigation on that Jim Elmazi guy. Sounds like your backing a fraud so you might want to find another place to shill.

    • goplat guy says:

      ya that sf medic on m4 is a handl cat. not on board. still not interested in tampons bro. hang it up. the striker kit is gtg with the bros. all the other shits bullshit and your a handl guy.

    • IKE says:

      Bullshit. SE LLC had CAD designs before the SCUM25 was made public. The FBI sais the same thing you did…it APPEARS….which is not confirmation to anyone but Handl Defense. They are the ones reverse engineering SE LLC products. Alan Handl was busted reverse engineering the SE LLC SOAMR magazine release by ME! He is now changing that design slowly n hopes no one else notices. TOO LATE! SE LLC was notified of it. Good luck on that one!