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AUSA – Rocky Updates Jungle Boot

Based on feedback from the field, Rocky has updated their Jungle Boot, introduced about 18 months ago.


In addition to the no-snag lacing they introduced last year, they’ve replaced the 550 cord laces with FR laces that don’t absorb water.


They also slightly modified the balance of Cordura and leather area coverage to enhance breathability and they’ve incorporated a more durable ankle reinforcement.


The biggest upgrade is in the sole. The older sole is on the left and the new model which incorporates a distinct heel is on the right. They also depended the lugs and made the gaps wider to more easily deal with mud.



19 Responses to “AUSA – Rocky Updates Jungle Boot”

  1. Riceball says:

    Looks nice and the improvements sound good but I have to question why go with tan? I realize that the Army and the Corps both mandate a tan or Coyote boot but I’d have to question the choice of a tan boot in a jungle environment. I’d think that either a green or a more brown colored boot would be a better choice to better blend in with foliage or, in the case of brown, with the mud/dirt of the ground.

  2. Hodge175 says:

    Waiting for the Army to tell me what color boot I can actually wear, when I can actually wear OCP or the OCP.

  3. Brandon says:

    I think a colorway is a pretty easy thing to change as the Army finally switches to OCP…someday.

  4. Wake27 says:

    Aren’t these unautothrized according to 670-1?

  5. Aidan says:

    No they are not technically authorized due to the cordura that makes up the boots. But they do pass muster at first and even second glance as they do look almost exactly like the regular rockies. Speaking from personal experience they are great boots.

    Honestly though, do what your rank can handle. If your chain of command will let you rock them in the field do it. Garrison try something else. There will be an eagle eyed freedom fighter who will call you out at some point.

  6. Mick says:

    I’m no genius on what is/is not authorized, but Rocky seems to think they’re AR670-1 compliant.


    Under the “description” tab, it says:
    ?Uniform Compliant (AR 670-1)


    • SSD says:

      Cordura is indeed authorized for boots.

      • Terry B. says:

        SSD, perhaps you know. Has cordura ever been tested / compared against canvas?

        I know, canvas is old school but it dries fast and stands up well to hot wet conditions.

        Minus the color, it appears to me that these new jungle boots are looking more and more like the “legacy” jungle boots every day.


        • SSD says:

          Canvas is like a sponge and isn’t as abrasion resistant as Cordura.

          • Terry B. says:

            I never noticed sponge like water retention being a problem with the old jungle boots.

            But compared to cordura you are probably right. Thanks!


            • Glen says:

              The non leather bottom is a no go for the Army (it isn’t compliant with our reg). AR 670-1 turns you to DA Pam 670-1. Applicable section is quoted below:

              20–3. Boots
              a. Boots, combat, tan, leather.
              The Army combat boots (HW and temperate weather) are clothing bag issue items.
              The two types of issue Army combat boots (HW and temperate weather) are made of flesh-side out
              cattlehide leather with a plain toe and tan outsoles. Soldiers are required to possess two pairs of issue Army combat
              boots (HW) and one pair of issue Army combat boots (temperate weather) (specification) boots.
              The issue Army combat boot, HW, is made of tan-colored, flesh-side out cattlehide leather and nylon duck
              upper, removable cushioned insert, a closed loop speed lace system, and drainage eyelets.
              The issue Army combat boot, temperate weather, is made of tan-colored, flesh-side out cattlehide leather and
              nylon upper….brevity snip.

              Optional boots.
              As an option, Soldiers may wear commercial boots of a design similar to that of the Army combat boot (tan), as
              authorized by the commander. The boots must be between 8 to 10 inches in height and made of tan flesh-side out
              cattlehide leather, with a plain toe and a soling system matching the color of the tan upper materials.

              End Snip****
              The key is similar (rough out cowhide leather on the bottom…they aren’t talking the heal only). Weird to me that Rocky would make a boot that doesn’t meet reg…and probably never will in its current incarnation.

                • Wake27 says:

                  That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re approved though… If there’s this much debate here though, I doubt anyone else will really know.

                  SSD, any idea when these start shipping?

                  • Aidan says:

                    They already have. I have a pair and they are great. So far as I know they are a no go, but hey if they are then I am going to be wearing them everywhere. They were great in Afghanistan during the summer.

  7. bulldog76 says:

    why tan for a jungle environment????

  8. hint says:

    I guess toe part of the boot has to suffer as its not from leather. Also cleaning that cordura front from mud (not sand) has to be a pain in the… I would prefer old school top with this sole more.