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AUSA – SIG SAUER Quick Attach Suppressors


SIG SAUER showed us their quick attach/detach suppressors offered in (l-r) .338, .30 and 5.56mm. We haven’t fired them so we can’t speak to performance or how the attachment contributes to suppressor blowback. However, just looking at them, there is an interesting feature. The system consists of a tapered adapter that is attached to the barrel. The suppressor attaches directly to the taper and a lock twists into place. The taper gives a lot of contact surface between the adapter and the suppressor. There are no shims or crush washers here; at least to mount the adapter. If you are going to run a muzzle brake, it does require a crush washer for proper alignment and it screws into threads in the adapter. The brake and suppressor do not contact one another.


In these CAD drawings provided by SIG you can see how this attachment works. The suppressor rests against the taper.


You can also see in this exploded view how the brake screws into the adapter.


Although we didn’t photograph it, SIG is working on a new suppressor coating that they feel they can keep the suppressor (within CSASS parameters) cool enough to touch (~140 deg F) without burns.

7 Responses to “AUSA – SIG SAUER Quick Attach Suppressors”

  1. Dilby says:

    I want SIG stock.

  2. lucic says:

    hell, I want to design for them!!

    They have the feel of Mapgul when they first started bringing out new products.

  3. Justin M. says:


  4. SN says:

    Great idea, eliminates the need to but a flash hider that is compatible with the suppressor. I think I have found the can of my dreams.

    Will have to visit the Sig booth at SHOT this year.

  5. nick says:

    CA legal? Lol