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LWRC International Steps Up Training Team With The Addition Of Matt Jacques And Victory First

LWRC International has recently announced the addition of Matt Jacques to their team as a Senior Firearms Program Adviser. The full release can be read below:

Matt Jacques

Cambridge, MD (November 3 2014) – LWRC International announces a new training partnership with Matt Jacques and Victory First to support its Law Enforcement, Military and Government Training programs. Matt joins an impressive team of firearms experts on the LWRCI Firearms Training Program as Senior Firearms Program Advisor.

“We are looking for Matt Jacques to strengthen LWRCI training programs and help support integration of LWRCI weapon systems with our customers”, says David Ridley, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Matt brings a wealth of product knowledge, personal relationships and tactical training expertise to our team”.

As an advisor for LWRCI, Matt will assist with development of training programs, systems design and development, using his experience to drive the LWRCI rifle programs into the future with key customers in Law Enforcement, Military and Government.

“In my experience in the field- I have worked with guys that run LWRC rifles, use them on a daily basis for their jobs in LE and Government entities, and rely on them without reservations,” Jacques said. “I have always been impressed with the quality and durability of the end product. LWRCI is a company I am proud to represent and excited to get things moving to help expand their current family of weapons and to build an effective training program.”

Jacques is a retired Law Enforcement / SWAT Officer and a Marine Corps veteran. He has served with two Virginia Law Enforcement agencies and a founding member of the US Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force as a Special Deputy.

Over the past 10 years Matt has worked closely with firearms manufacturers including FNH USA – where he managed the FN SPR Precision Rifle Program, belt fed weapons section and the SCAR program; as well as new equipment training for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons.

Most recently he worked for the State Department as a Firearms Instructor for the Diplomatic Security Service, leaving there as the Chief of Operations to start Victory First – an advisory and consulting services firm for manufacturers and companies in the firearms industry.

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11 Responses to “LWRC International Steps Up Training Team With The Addition Of Matt Jacques And Victory First”

  1. Mike says:

    Anybody know what’s going on with LWRC? It’s been over 6 months since we heard about their supposed sale to Colt and since then, LWRC-related articles have been few and far between. Is it going to be marketed as a separate brand like Remington did with AAC or is Colt going to absorb all of their designs and start putting their own logo on future products?

    • Carlos says:

      What I heard was that the Colt sale did not go through. Not sure why, though. They did ended up hiring someone from Colt as VP (IIRC).

  2. Robbin says:

    I’m not sure about Jacques “Managing” anything at FNH USA. He was a parerwork guy. Admin, pure and simple. I knew him as an Ex-Cop FNH USA hired to assit LE agencies in shuffling paperwork faster for purchases.

    He certainly was not in a position to be an expert on their weapon systems. I know everyone wants to drop “SOCOM” now but this is stretching it a bit far.

    • Batman says:

      Bobin Robbin. Go check yourself! I have personally known him since his LE days. I often visited the old shop at the crucible. Matter of fact I have many contacts at fnh usa myself. You robbin are most certainly in correct, misinformed or simply have an ax to grind. There always has to be a hater. If you don’t have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all.

    • MarkL says:

      Jacques was in fact the Senior Manager for Assault Weapons at FNH USA during the SCAR program and not only worked on development to change/modify the MK16/17/13 weapons systems in their early stages, he also conducted new equipment training inside SOCOM. In addition, he worked on the SPR line specifically the A3G series.

      Personally I do know the guy “shuffling” NFA paperwork at FN and that guy has been there for 8-10 years. I believe you may have the two of them confused.

      I have met Matt a couple times in different circles and the guy is squared away. Recently had the pleasure of attending one of his concealment pistol classes and will be attending his carbine course soon.

  3. Tim says:

    I think there is some serious BS shilling going on. Several guys come in to defend him but no one mentions he got fired from both FNH-USA and USSD?

    MarkL, you are sadly misinformed.

    • borebrush says:

      Shilling? By who? SSD? This is what SSD does. Eric takes no sides, he serves a sounding board for all things. He doesn’t pander to certain brands and personalities.

      Secondly and more importantly, Matt was not fired from DS. USSD??? The fact you completely botched the abbreviation for State (DOS) shows you have no first hand knowledge of the situation or the bureau.

      He resigned on 6/14/13, and finished his requisite two weeks with FTU. Be wary of regurgitating rumors when you have no dog in the fight.

    • SSD says:

      I’m letting this play out but I’m not too thrilled about this. No shilling. Just two groups dukng it out.

    • Dude says:

      Tim, I have direct first hand knowledge that he was not fired from either place. If he was fired as you suggest from fnh usa. Then why did they support the panteo scar video? This matter was discussed and proven long ago, let’s not muddy the waters again.

  4. Batman says:

    Well Tim. If he was fired from fnh usa. As you propose. ( which he was not) then why would they use him for the panteo scar video? After all they provided the weapons for the video. Also he did in fact resign from DOS to start VF. Matter of fact. He has been contacted by them to be used for training in the future. I personally have knowledge of all parties involved in what I mention.

  5. Mark says:

    Hey Eric, I have an idea. Why doesn’t Mr. Jacques divulge what years (or months) he worked at FN. He can also divulge the names of people who worked or are working at FN now that can vouch for him. He surely has nothing to hide. If he quit FN, why? If he was fired, why? Seems to me like there is definitely some unanswered questions that Mr. Jacques owes the industry and the community. Remember, someone knows the real truth.