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Violent Little Machine Shop – Kydex Shock Wallet


Violent Little Machine Shop’s Kydex Shock Wallet is a “hingeless” wallet design which consists of two pieces of precision-machined Kydex secured together using elastic MilSpec shock cord. Its design allows for on-the-fly tension adjustment for keeping contents secured. Speaking of contents, it can hold cash and cards either outside or in, with an ideal capacity of 1-35 cards.


Available in an any configuration of:

Kydex: Black, Gray, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highlander


Shock Cord: Gray, Coyote, Black


13 Responses to “Violent Little Machine Shop – Kydex Shock Wallet”

  1. J.H.S says:

    I would like to see what the knot looks like in the back. The added thickness of the knot might be a turn off. If they have somehow fused the shock cord, this would be very appealing!

    • Paul says:

      They don’t want to show it. That tells something.

      • badjujuu says:

        If you look on the right – it almost looks like the end of the shock cord. If the know is small enought this could have good potential. If the other side look what I think it looks then I would be interested in it.
        I dont think that both ends of the cord are tied together creating a bigger know. I think each end has a know at the end resulting in a slimmer profile. Just my 2cents.

        • badjujuu says:

          know = knot. damn you spellcheck

        • J.H.S says:

          I think your right, looking at the pictures on the website it appears that each end has a small knot. Going to order one, as I like the minimalist approach!

      • Violent Little Machine Shop says:

        Standby for photo on the website!

    • Violent Little Machine Shop says:

      The Shock Cord’s tied with two small knots that are located within the two pieces of Kydex. This ensures that they can’t get snagged when you’re pulling it out of your pocket, or elsewhere. This also allows the pressure on the cards to be focused at the opening (top) of the wallet, providing for a more secure fit of the cards. Excellent question though! We’ve updated the copy to include verbage re: the knots location as well as have added a photo on the other side!

      • J.H.S says:

        Outstanding reply, and the customer service is appreciated greatly! Placing order! Probably make good gifts for associates also!

  2. badjujuu says:

    this is why I like SSD.

  3. Erik says:

    Well, I’m in for one.

  4. Buckaroomedic. says:

    Really nice! Would love to see these with a “metal” option to prevent RFI snooping. Maybe I could add several thin pieces of aluminum on the inside . . .

  5. ahhhhhclever says:

    interesting. May have to pick one of these up

  6. Erik says:

    Well, might be a little late, but just received the wallet, and it is great. The knot is in between the kydex; well placed. Also the wooden “What the fuck? Over.” challenge coin is unexpected, but flippin’ awesome!

    Thanks again to everyone over at VLMS; awesome bunch of guys there!