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LWRC – SMG Pistol End Plate w/ QD Socket

Monday, March 6th, 2023

While the ATF’s recent Pistol Brace ruling sends shockwaves (no pun intended) throughout the industry, and seeks to make millions of legally-purchased weapons illegal with the stroke of a pen, industry is doing what industry does best: adapting. Such is one case with LWRC’s SMG Pistol End Plate.

Designed specifically for pistol brace variants of LWRC’s own SMG 45, this end cap plate converts the SMG 45 to a “fully operational SMG Pistol”, complete with a built-in QD sling mount. The End Cap Plate is made of 6065-T6 aluminum with a Type III hard coat anodized finish.


Post SHOT Show Wrapup – LWRCi SMG-45

Friday, January 29th, 2016


This is the LWRCi SMG-45. Naturally, its in .45 but they plan to offer versions in .40 and 9mm as well. It uses UMP magazines. Somewhat reminiscent of an AR, you’ll notice the non-reciprocating charging handle on the left side with ambidextrous bolt catch and safety. The mag catch is located behind the magazine. Interestingly, it uses a delayed piston operating system. The design is topped off with a side folding stock.


LWRC International Steps Up Training Team With The Addition Of Matt Jacques And Victory First

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

LWRC International has recently announced the addition of Matt Jacques to their team as a Senior Firearms Program Adviser. The full release can be read below:

Matt Jacques

Cambridge, MD (November 3 2014) – LWRC International announces a new training partnership with Matt Jacques and Victory First to support its Law Enforcement, Military and Government Training programs. Matt joins an impressive team of firearms experts on the LWRCI Firearms Training Program as Senior Firearms Program Advisor.

“We are looking for Matt Jacques to strengthen LWRCI training programs and help support integration of LWRCI weapon systems with our customers”, says David Ridley, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Matt brings a wealth of product knowledge, personal relationships and tactical training expertise to our team”.

As an advisor for LWRCI, Matt will assist with development of training programs, systems design and development, using his experience to drive the LWRCI rifle programs into the future with key customers in Law Enforcement, Military and Government.

“In my experience in the field- I have worked with guys that run LWRC rifles, use them on a daily basis for their jobs in LE and Government entities, and rely on them without reservations,” Jacques said. “I have always been impressed with the quality and durability of the end product. LWRCI is a company I am proud to represent and excited to get things moving to help expand their current family of weapons and to build an effective training program.”

Jacques is a retired Law Enforcement / SWAT Officer and a Marine Corps veteran. He has served with two Virginia Law Enforcement agencies and a founding member of the US Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force as a Special Deputy.

Over the past 10 years Matt has worked closely with firearms manufacturers including FNH USA – where he managed the FN SPR Precision Rifle Program, belt fed weapons section and the SCAR program; as well as new equipment training for SOCOM and the SCAR family of weapons.

Most recently he worked for the State Department as a Firearms Instructor for the Diplomatic Security Service, leaving there as the Chief of Operations to start Victory First – an advisory and consulting services firm for manufacturers and companies in the firearms industry.


Report Of A Catastrophic Rifle Failure

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Click to read .pdf
Small Arms Solutions report

An LEO and reader of ours recently passed along a report of a blown up weapon that was in use within his department. The report, which was made after an analysis by Small Arms Solutions, details an AR-15 with a Colt lower and an LWRC 10.5 inch upper, which seemingly experienced catastrophic failure due to a faulty Federal Ammunition American Eagle cartridge. The full details of the report can be read in the attached .pdf. Additionally, all three companies, Federal, Colt, and LWRC, are working with the department to correct the issue.

Colt Is Buying LWRC! *Yawn

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Since it’s being reported elsewhere I’ll share what has been floating around for some time, Colt is supposedly buying LWRC. Nobody has any real details yet because it hasn’t actually happened…yet. So if somebody tells you they have facts, they don’t. Until the ink is dry, it’s all just a rumor.

LWRC Military Action Video

Sunday, August 11th, 2013


Magpul’s Magazine for the LWRC Six8 UICW Carbine

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

At last week’s USASOC Sniper Competition I got a chance to shoot a few photos of the Magpul M3 magazine developed specifically for the new LWRC International Ultra Compact Individual Weapon. The idea was to give you a better look at how to identify this magazine even though it remains quite rare.

Overall, it has the same layout and components of the new commercial M3 PMAG. Yet, the actual dimensions are quite specific to accommodate the UICW’s magwell.

One striking feature is the Red color of the follower and floor plate lock.



You can also identify the magazine by the data plate.


Finally, the curve is slightly different since the 6.8 round is different than the 5.56 round.


As the UCIW’s magwell features slightly different dimensions than a standard lower, you aren’t going to be able to use this mag with your current 6.8 carbine.

For more info visit www.lwrci.com


Sunday, September 9th, 2012

In early August we casually mentioned a new proprietary 6.8 magazine coming from Magpul for an LWRC International Six8 project. Called the Ultra Compact Individual Weapon or UCIW, we can now show you a little bit about that gun.

Currently, they have contracts for 6,000 of the new guns and LWRC’s Darren Mellors shared some background of the project on their forums, “All forgings (upper and lower) are coined. Meaning they are struck once (as all AR’s are) to make the forging, then heat treated, then coined which is to take the cold (unheated but heat treated and aged forging) and strike it again in the forging die. This costs more than twice as much to do, but it dimensionally corrects any wandering that may have occurred in heat treating, and creates such a beautiful exterior, they look like they were created by the gods. The argument for billet or forging is over. The best strength characteristics of a forging, with dimensional accuracy of a billet receiver, and beauty that surpasses either.”

Here you can see the ambi controls of the UCIW.

And the reverse of a test gun.

As we understand it, they are also working with a new cartridge in 6.8 (SPCII) manufactured by ATK. Here, you can see an early test gun and ammo boxes.

Based on this ballistics demonstration, looks like this new cartridge and carbine combo is going to do quite well. 0.5 inch AR 550 Brinell Armor plate. Shot an 8.5″ 6.8mm UCIW and SSA Armor Piercing ammunition at 100m. Full penetration.

And finally, here is that Magpul magazine we alluded to. As you can see it incorporates much of the M3 technology we discussed.

Notice that we’ve mentioned that this magazine is proprietary to LWRCI. The reason is that the magwell for this Six8 lower is a little different than a standard 5.56 lower. They aren’t ready to release these new dimensions to industry just yet.

Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be able to just go out and purchase a new upper and slap it on your existing gun. Not only is the lower dimensionally different in a couple of ways but the upper and lower interface differently than standard ARs.

According to LWRCI’s Jesse Gomez some standard AR parts will fit the UCIW.

Parts which will interchange between the AR15/M4 platform and the Six8 architecture:

Barrel Extensions and barrel assemblies, Barrel Nut, Forward Assist, E-Port Door Assembly, Charging Handle, Cam Pin, Firing Pin and the Bore C.L. to Gas-Tube/Op Rod C.L. dimension remain unmodified. Most free float hand-guards can be used with no mods.
Please note: A standard Bolt and Carrier will work without modification, but due to tolerances and tolerance stacking rubbing between the outside of the mag feed lips and carrier may occur. Hand cycling of the weapon a few times with the mag insert will easily correct this. We opted to enhance our carrier for additional clearance of the feed lips. In regards to the bolt we included the very same up-grades we developed for the M4 Product Improvement Program (PIP) into our 6.8 ACB (Now the Mk II ACB) for greater extractor to shell interaction for increased performance. Imagine an AK74 extractor in an AR. All other features of the ACB carry over.

All lower parts interchange with the exception of the magazine catch assembly and the bolt catch. A standard both catch will work but you will need to remove the ambi bolt catch components. Everything else is a direct drop-in.
For the class III folks, the Six8 lowers are milled to low shelf configuration.

For those of you who are interested, we understand that this new gun will be available late this year, in all barrel lengths, and hopefully in an IC configuration. All photos originated in the forums section of .www.lwrci.com