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Magpul’s Magazine for the LWRC Six8 UICW Carbine

At last week’s USASOC Sniper Competition I got a chance to shoot a few photos of the Magpul M3 magazine developed specifically for the new LWRC International Ultra Compact Individual Weapon. The idea was to give you a better look at how to identify this magazine even though it remains quite rare.

Overall, it has the same layout and components of the new commercial M3 PMAG. Yet, the actual dimensions are quite specific to accommodate the UICW’s magwell.

One striking feature is the Red color of the follower and floor plate lock.



You can also identify the magazine by the data plate.


Finally, the curve is slightly different since the 6.8 round is different than the 5.56 round.


As the UCIW’s magwell features slightly different dimensions than a standard lower, you aren’t going to be able to use this mag with your current 6.8 carbine.

For more info visit www.lwrci.com

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13 Responses to “Magpul’s Magazine for the LWRC Six8 UICW Carbine”

  1. Alex says:

    “As the UCIW’s magwell features slightly different dimensions than a standard lower, you aren’t going to be able to use this mag with your current 6.8 carbine.”

    Why does it feature slightly different dimensions? Wasn’t the whole point of the 6.8 round is that it would be backwards compatible with regular GI magazine bodies and you would only need to swap out the follower?

    Seems like a negative selling point, unless someone can explain the positives.


    • SSD says:

      This is designed to fit one gun and that is the LWRCi UICW. You won’t be buying these at your local gun store to use in your 6.8 gun.

    • Chris says:

      It is not my intention to be vague or suggestive, however, think “Contract.”

  2. Vince says:

    All I can say is… It’s not fair! At least make a standard 6.8 mag that can be used in milspec dimensioned receivers. Imagine how much money that could bring in. I would venture to say much more than LWRCI could bring in. Magpul could make a killing in the market by being the go to brand for 6.8 mags.

    • SSD says:

      LWRCI paid for the development of this mag and they are selling the gun under contract so I’d say they are making their money back. Hopefully we’ll see some of the same technology offered commercially.

      • borebrush says:


        we will. As I explained further down. All parties, last I heard, have agreed to release the techspec’s to the industry. It’s in their own best interest to do this, and a rarity in the gunbuilding game.

  3. MarkM says:

    Guys, you can shoot 6.8 in a stock magwell, magazines are plentiful and dirt cheap. Just not polymer.

    The UCIW uses a bigger magwell to get around the AR15’s tight dimensions that prevent using polymer. Since it is a contract gun for a foreign buyer, they didn’t have to meet AR compatibility issues. It should be no surprise that an foreign army wants their stuff different. They don’t care one bit about civilian shooters, the concept is a bit weird to them. Civilians with guns are the other guys in a coup d’etat.

    Magpul said from day one they would not ever make a 6.8 mag with AR15 dimensions because it would be weak and unable to handle swelling. Those who tried it found out it wouldn’t – 12 to 15 rounds is bout it. Magpul is using the new larger dimensions – as the proprietary supplier, they are backing up exactly what they said. Now, you get a 30 rounder that works in a mag dumps. Reliability.

    Nobody is saying what the actual dimensions are, but that will come out once they are released, and bit of back engineering will make the new dimensions known. At that point the ingenious will play the odds and dremel the magwell, mag, or both. And they will find out if the new mags can be retrofit. I’m not betting it will be very good, it was the entire point – polymer needs more space, and the 6.8 stacks wider, like it or not.

    2013 is going to be interesting, with new ammo from Tula, ATK, and the polymer round. An incremental change to shoot 30 rounder polymer mags isn’t that big a deal. You can shoot 30 round mags now. What you can’t do is load them for nearly the same price as surplus milspec, but that is what is going to change. I hope.

    • Reseremb says:

      This guns are the ones of the Jordan’s SOF contract?

      • borebrush says:

        What all three company’s have agreed to do is release the technical specs to the industry, once they have this thing ironed out.

        The reason for the different mag is because there aren’t any good mags out there for the standard 6.8spc. If LWRCI was going to go this big, they wanted everything to be right. That includes an optimized round with an optimized magazine with enough COL for that round. This is why the new lower and new magazine came about. This six8 is not limited by 5.56 dimensions like the 6.8 has always been.

        This is a stand alone system that will make the six8 stand on its own legs. I was happy to finally get some hands on with this system on a live fire range. This little monster is no ones bastard child. The six8 Pmag (lovingly called the Black Widow around the factory) flat out works.

        These new bullets are the hotness, having spent last week at Bragg, working the LWRCI Booth and range day. (I am the LWRCI Armorer Instructor).

        That PSD was accurate out to 400yds ( achieved a 1st or 2nd shot hit prone/mag supported) A competitor from the SBS proceeded to clean the target array from the kneeling.

        Other things mentioned, I’ll try to correct.

        Yes, this is stemming from an overseas contract.

        No, its not Jordan.

        Yes, its HUGE.

        ATK will be ripping out enough ammo to make the price comparable to 5.56.

        This thing is a monster. It was shot as much or more than most of the precision rifles on that line.

        • Reseremb says:

          Thanks for the information, I assume that if not the Jordan contract, it is the UKSF one. I remember the UCIW with the British flag back one or two SHOT Shows.

          6.8 vs 300BK, or ATK vs Remington… competition is always nice.

        • SSD says:

          Thanks for the update

  4. Logan F. Crooks says:

    Does Magpul even Make Regular 6.8 Magazines? Also, do they make M14 7.62 Magazines?