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Post SHOT Show Wrapup – LWRCi SMG-45


This is the LWRCi SMG-45. Naturally, its in .45 but they plan to offer versions in .40 and 9mm as well. It uses UMP magazines. Somewhat reminiscent of an AR, you’ll notice the non-reciprocating charging handle on the left side with ambidextrous bolt catch and safety. The mag catch is located behind the magazine. Interestingly, it uses a delayed piston operating system. The design is topped off with a side folding stock.


10 Responses to “Post SHOT Show Wrapup – LWRCi SMG-45”

  1. Diddler says:

    I was excited about this last year, and I’m excited this year. Especially in .40, hopefully they mark the lower: “multi cal.”

    • 18Derp says:

      There is no bearing on what caliber it’s marked and what caliber you can shoot through it. If you REALLY feel like you have to let the ATF know, you can submit a variation notification, but it’s not required.

  2. Eric b says:

    Interesting. At a quick glance, it’s reminiscent of the old Franchi SMG. Can’t wait to find one to try out.

  3. Huch says:

    Any idea what kind of mags it will take?

    • BAP45 says:

      UMP mags

      • 18Derp says:

        Because of course they’d choose UMP mags. I’m almost surprised they didn’t choose unicorn horns.

        Fairly obscure and expensive magazines side. I felt this at SHOT last year and it wasn’t even close to being ready. Now… I hear the barrel moves with the action… No Sir. That’s a deal breaker.

        • Mountain says:

          Dude… Uzi, M10, and grease guns mags are soooooo last century. Glock mags don’t LOOK as cool on a subgun. That’s what is important.

          Glass half full: they could have made it in 10mm. Hk 10mm mags…

  4. Paste says:

    I’m more interested in the handstop. Any ideas if that’s proprietary or an existing product???

  5. LM says:

    LWRC has had some serious issues in the past couple of years. Alot of the staff that made this company great was let go or quit, due to ownership. Recently, some young inexperienced employee, called one of their major national distributors and demanded something unreasonable from them. That distributor dropped LWRC on the spot without hesitation. Then LWRC came out with a DI gun. It was the same gun but without the piston but was a 1000 dollars less, basically saying that piston part is worth 1000 bucks. LWRC was an excellent company and on their way to greatness. Their leadership, on the other hand, is failing. I have several LWRC rifles and love them, but they were bought before they started screwing things up. I would be hesitant to buy one at this time.

  6. elliot says:

    Gorgeous. Now make it in 5.56 and .300 blk, please.