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Lipsey’s Announces Vickers Tactical Signature GLOCK 17&19

This team up between Lipsey’s and Larry Vickers very exciting news. While his name has long been synonymous with the 1911, LAV has been shooting GLOCKs for years. In fact, he has developed several GLOCK after market parts that will be included in this Lispey’s build on the FDE frame. I’ve already placed my order through my local Lipsey’s dealer and can’t wait to get my hands on it.



Baton Rouge, La. — Lipsey’s, a nationally renowned firearms distributor, and combat veteran Larry Vickers, the face of the tactical firearms industry have entered into partnership on two exclusive GLOCK pistol models.

Beginning today, Lipsey’s will have a limited run of Gen 3 RTF2 Frame GLOCK 17 and 19’s in flat dark earth. They come equipped with Vickers Tactical sights, mag release, slide catch and magazine base plates. These GLOCK models will also have unique serial numbers (0000LAV- 4999LAV) for collectability and authenticity. Larry Vickers chose close industry partners Wilson Combat to create the sights and Tango Down who manufactured all other parts. When asked about the joint venture Larry said, “I’m proud to be working with Lipsey’s on a pair of GLOCK pistols that not only feature my parts, but are offered in a configuration never before available in the market. Serious GLOCK fans take note, these guns are a must have.”


The FDE GLOCK has been a staple in the Lipsey’s Exclusives arsenal for several years. Lipsey’s Product Development Manager Jason Cloessner and Larry Vickers have been brewing this concept for some time. Cloessner was excited to finally unveil this project. “Larry and I have been working on this project for some time. Basically, I asked Larry to spec out a GLOCK exactly how he would want it without any compromises. The Vickers/Lipsey’s Exclusive GLOCK 17’s and 19’s are the results of this request.”


This is what LAV told me about the guns last week:

LAV0000 -LAV5000 serial number range (0001-2500 = G17 and 2501-5000 = G19)
Gen 3 RTF2 frame in FDE
Straight slide grasping grooves
Black slide with NO Vickers markings
Vickers Elite sights installed
Tritium front sight
Bag with Vickers Tangodown parts Included
G17 and G19
Discount card enclosed for 10% off a LAV pistol class
CCWSafe card enclosed


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38 Responses to “Lipsey’s Announces Vickers Tactical Signature GLOCK 17&19”

  1. Ed Hickey says:

    Well done!

  2. Mike D says:

    I’m not a big fan of LAV or his products, but I LOVE the old Gen 3 RTF2 frame! I have a G17 with the RTF2 frame and it has been the best feeling and shooting Glock I have ever picked up out of the box. I may have to shell out the cash for one of each of these bad boys.

  3. mark says:

    Very nice and simple enhancements. I like that it’s not overtly branded or fanciful as well.

  4. Bob says:

    That’s just dope.

  5. IKE says:

    What is the “CCWsafe card”? Is it one year of coverage or just an ad?

  6. Chris U'5 says:

    To all the people who get their hands on one of these (for me) please give a brief moment of reflection to what a great country you live in.
    As a UK citizen I can only dream about handling such a pistol and will never have the opportunity to own one.
    SSD and these sorts of posts make me happy and sad in equal measures 🙁
    Well done Mr Vickers, this looks like a fantastic package.

  7. diggler says:

    press F to pay respects to the nogun Brits.

  8. Benny says:

    Just ordered mine. I shoot glocks all the time. Love my rtf I have now. I’m sure I’ll love this one as much.

  9. Justin says:

    My order for one has been placed! I am getting the 19. I’m also hoping to take advantage of the class discount at some point!

  10. Steve says:

    This looks like a great combination! I just pre-ordered the G19 model from Glockmeister. Love the FDE and the RTF2 frame pairing, I’m sure it will become an EDC favorite. Thanks!

  11. Nowell says:

    Well done Mr. Vickers. I hope to see you have increasing influence in not just distributor exclusive pistols but also future products from Glock.

  12. Joker says:

    Do want.

  13. Mark says:

    Great MSG Vickers now if you could just get them to bring back the RTF2 as a option and offer a straight back strap model.

  14. Bob says:

    I couldn’t say no. Just ordered the G19. Hopefully, I can take your pistol course next time you roll through the Southwest.

  15. Fred Calabrese says:

    Great idea ????

  16. Fred Calabrese says:

    Great idea! It looks superbly executed!

  17. bunk22 says:

    I’ve not got LAV #5031, love this G19.

  18. Tim says:

    I got me one…….yea!

  19. Tom says:

    I must have one…..I don’t know which one I want yet.
    I’m a fan of Larry & Glock.
    How do I order?

  20. jmd says:

    Pick up one of the G17 versions yesterday. Love the new sights.

  21. Todd Suchy says:

    I pick my 19 up tomorrow! Christmas came early ya’ll! I can’t wait. No safe queen here, I’m going to run the heck out of it! Big smile in Indianapolis!

  22. Steve says:

    I have been a Vickers fan for quite some time and although I am not a big collector or a typical buyer of named guns, this one intrigues me. It appears to be well thought out, practical and not over priced just for the name.

    I shoot often and make Tube videos and look forward to reviewing this one if I can get one. I suspect with this limited run they will sell fast. I have no interest in safe queening mine though, it is going to be shot a lot.

  23. Raymond Jones says:

    I got the 17 0526LAV . I paid 590+tax at my local shop. I am a huge fan of glock. The first thing k normally do is replace the sights, mag release, an slide stop. These are more than adequate. Now I can take the money I would normally spend , an put a zev or lightning strike trigger ,an a threaded or ported barrel. Its a win for this glock fan. I’ve seen a lot of complaining. Doesn’t add up to me. I guess you can’t please everyone.

  24. Boris says:

    Wish Glock would offer a Gen3 style texture frame in G19/23 size with a G26/27 size slide. The same handgrip size but shorter frame to have the shorter slide. Basically a snub G19/23. The G26/27 grip is just too small for me even with Pearce extensions and extended mags, but I like the short slide length. Throw in a matte stainless slide! Thats my dream Glock.

  25. TDawg says:

    Picked up my G19 today! Love this Glock! Thank You Mr Vickers for a really nice EDC pistol.

  26. larry says:

    Do you worrie about the coating
    coming off.

  27. Kyle B. says:

    Picked up the 17, like everyone else know the RTF frame is great. What really surprised me the most are the sights. I think Larry/Wilson did a great job. Love the large U rear sight.

  28. Billy Bones says:

    Just bought G17 sn 15xx at my LGS.
    Props to you Mr. Vickers, I appreciate both your service to our nation and to the firearms community.

    I look forward to your future endeavors.


  29. Art Eastridge says:

    Got to shoot an LAV G17(serial# 0200LAV) today and I must say, they are wonderful to shoot. I never considered myself a fan of glock handguns until today. Nice work on this firearm. Smooth crisp trigger. The only thing I was more accurate with was a h&k vp9 although I liked the feel and trigger pulll of the lav g17 better.