SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Forces Focus – US Air Force Rescue in Djibouti

This video, “A Day’s Work” was shot on location in Djibouti and depicts the 81st, 82nd and 303rd Rescue Squadrons in action.

11 Responses to “Forces Focus – US Air Force Rescue in Djibouti”

  1. xpoqx says:

    It’s pretty cool that these guys have nothing better to in Djibouti then fly out to the middle of no where on the tax payers dime for some mo’tard footage of them fast roping and repelling from a helicopter.

    • SSD says:

      And cue the guy who has never been in the military and doesn’t understand training or rehearsals.

      • Jbgleason says:

        And the larger question. Why is “that guy” reading this site? Geez. Yeah, you definitely want to save that first fast rope for a real life situation under fire.

        • Hoff says:

          You mean you don’t want the first time you try something to be when you’re being shot at??? *shock*

          • Adam says:

            SSD’s response is soo f’cking funny. I was thinking those exact thoughts as I read his comment, then read yours!

    • matty says:

      First off it’s rappelling. Secondly it’s called training. And thirdly DJ is a shithole.

    • G3SM says:

      WTF, seriously?

      Someone takes the time to edit some damn good footage of mission currencies training on location in HOA of those charged with saving lives on the battlefield, and THIS is what pops into your head to post?

      Kids these days.

    • Patrick says:

      Wrapping up 2014 in fine style with these off the wall retarded statements.

  2. Tim says:

    Keep up the good work guys! If I, or anyone I know, goes down in that AOR, or any other, I want you guys to be as sharp as possible when you pick our asses up.

  3. orlando gomez says:

    I for one am glad to foot the tax-payer bill for our guys to train as much as they want. Its like the AF when they do flyovers over ball games , the pilots are required the flight time and use it also in conjunction with training

  4. Jon C. says:

    At the risk of sounding corny, there is something almost majestic about rope work from helos.