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KAC – SHOT SHOW Pre-Release New Product Video for 2015!

Visit or see Knight’s Armament in Booth #13372 at SHOT SHOW.


7 Responses to “KAC – SHOT SHOW Pre-Release New Product Video for 2015!”

  1. SirFoley says:


  2. nikuraba29 says:

    That was awesome!

  3. Dave Tiberius says:

    Typical. Rather than making jokes, they should focus on making their rifles at least half as accurate as rifles that cost half of theirs.

    • Chuck says:

      And shot out in half the rounds. Complain about price on arfcom.

    • S. says:

      I bet it’s more accurate than you are.

      • Dave Tiberius says:

        Calm yourselves fan-boys. I’ve been issued five (three were new)KAC .308 guns. One of them was a solid performer.

        There are known guns that will outshoot a KAC gun every day and last equally as long or outlast them.

        Just because Uncle Sugar bought them doesn’t make them awesome. Just because people love to spend too much money on them doesn’t make them best. Just because lots of people with them can’t out shoot their gun doesn’t make them good.

        • nick says:

          You have no idea what your talking about. Kac has some of the most accurate chrome lined barrels and very good cut rifle barrels. Hell the LPR uses a Krieger…so you either are full of shit or have inadequate experience with the platforms to speak on the matter. Most of the dribble is from .mil users who A. Have no idea how to maintain a sniper weapon system other than a m24/40 B. Treat the mk11/sr25 like an m16/m4 with neglect and C. Don’t know how to shoot semi big bore AR rifles. There is a ton more to it including the gov screwing up the specs and refusing to allow product improvement plans year and years ago that would have it
          Brought it up to date with their fantastic commercial offerings. They are without a doubt the most durrable and reliable big bore AR’s out there. There is a reason that despite the, costing 50%-100% more then their competition….they are almost impossible to source. No ar15 comes close to the quality or value of the sr15 as a whole. Almost all the modern features you see on ar10’s are a result of sr25 R&d.