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LBX Tactical Introduces Inland Taipan Camo Clothing

LBX Tactical releases its first camo pattern from the LBX region pack Inland Taipan, the full setup seen here will be featured at their Shot Show Booth #31307.


Last SHOT Show, LBT introduced several new camouflage patterns including Inland Taipan. That pattern garnered the attention of a major US defense contractor. Over the past year, they’ve refined the pattern and this is the result of that test and evaluation.

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10 Responses to “LBX Tactical Introduces Inland Taipan Camo Clothing”

  1. xpoqx says:

    Still rather rock that Multi-Doge.

  2. js says:

    Looks like AOR1 on steroids…..

  3. Krieger Clone says:

    Skeptical at first… samples at ShotShow last year were muddy and dark, definite improvement here, much lighter variant.

  4. Kris says:

    Looks like many of the hyperstealth patterns Spec4ce United looks virtually identical. Am I the only one who thinks the digital camouflage revolution is basically over and been done for a while now. We’ve learned to add micro and macro patterns into the mix, shading is important as is the need for depth. Unless someone is actually bringing something new to the table which this most certainly is not, i think we should just stop with having a new copy cat camo every week.

    • mike says:

      I can’t see what is so harmful in having a pattern that’s not restricted, which is similar to a restricted pattern, accessible to people who can not obtain, maintain, or budget for the restricted pattern. Especially when you consider training clothing that you’re just going to destroy anyway.

      There’s obviously value here or I can’t imagine LBT would be chasing it.

      • Kris says:

        its probably the airsoft market since i’m sure all the uniforms will be made overseas also none of the Spec4ce patterns are restricted not to mention there are just tons of extremely similar patters already available F.E.A.R. camo, pencott, and a host of others

  5. Taylor says:

    Looks like a bit of the pattern Sitka uses plus AOR1.. interesting. Some natural/full light pics would be nice though, in something other than a sandpit.

  6. rrossouw says:

    LBX seems to be developed by Hyperstealth.
    See HS home page towards the bottom.