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SHOT Show – Spartan Blades Lapel Dagger

This is Spartan Blades’s brand spanking new take on the classic OSS Lapel Dagger.


The original intent of the knife was for use not as a weapon but as a utility tool. Spartan Blades has added a small screwdriver in the back / pry bar (with the sheath on). The sheath is Kydex and can be suspended on a chain for neck wear but they are working TYR Tactical to make a sheath that can be sewn into clothing. The 4″ long knife is made from CPM 20CV.



2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Spartan Blades Lapel Dagger”

  1. Craig says:

    Kinda along the lines of the old OSS lapel dagger,only modernized.

    Cool idea,especially with the sew-on sheath!

  2. YankeeZulu says:

    When is this being released?