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SHOT Show – Under Armour


Under Armour has introduced the TAC Elite Pant and Combat Shirt in their Ridge Reaper Camo Barren pattern. The base fabric for both is a Storm water resistant, Ripstop 100% Polyester with a Charged Cotton body for the Combat Shirt.


The TAC Elite Combat Shirt has several interesting features including a yoke, inset pen pocket and upper sleeve pockets with reinforcements.


One thing that sticks out on the TAC Elite Pant is dual thigh pockets on either side.

Also available Desert Sand, Marine OD Green and Dark Navy Blue pants with Dark Navy Blue, Black and Marine OD Green Combat Shirts. Coming July, 2015.


4 Responses to “SHOT Show – Under Armour”

  1. GS says:

    UA is a little late to the party on this.

  2. JAW says:

    Better late than never?

  3. Darrel says:

    A bit late? The industry is already saturated with enough of these that I doubt anyone would really be interested in this. Crye and Arcteryx are well established as being top of the line, and Tru-Spec, Condor and all of “those” names are appealing to the same audience as this.

    They aren’t even FR? Does anyone even care about that anyone? Or has this polluted market strayed so far from realism that all of these products are aimed at airsofters and posers? FR Should be priority number one.

    • Felix says:

      I thought the same way 2 years ago.

      But there are many government customers that dont even demand FR. loo at the VelSys Rugby Shirt for example it was Made for a government customer. Didnt even the USAF SF order some non-FR Combat Shirt lately?

      Regards, Felix