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SHOT Show – Badger Ordnance


The Badger Ordnance Snipers Lightweight Integrator Combat Kit or SLICK is now available to the public. It integrates additional accessories to the Leupold M151 Spotting Scope such as Insight RULR, Wilcox RAPTAR, AN/PEQ-15, clip in NVGs, and red dot sights.




6 Responses to “SHOT Show – Badger Ordnance”

  1. Tackleberry says:


    Is the flexible enough to use the inverted Leupy Spotter and get the eye piece lower?

  2. Chicken Legs says:

    Marty’s kit is second to none.

    • SVGC says:

      Right on! I truly believe in Badger products. Great gear and an even greater staff. I’ve been using their products for years professionally and will continue that trend in my personal life. Hope I see some OD stuff in the future to quench my greenside thirst!