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Fighter Design USA – Texas Mag Bags

I ran into Fighter Design USA’s head man Adam Slank while walking the SHOT Show floor. Every time I see him, he’s got some cool new product. I noticed he was carrying a nylon bag over his shoulder. Not unusual for SHOT Show, but he sat this one in the ground and said, “Got a minute? I’ve got something to show you.”


He pulled back on the handles and the flap came open and I muttered something like, “oh, wow! That’s a lot of magazines.” Adam didn’t miss a beat, replying, “Of course there are, it’s a Texas Mag Bag.”


Offered in both 12 pack and 6 pack (seen below) configurations, the Texas Mag Bags from Fighter Design USA give you quick access to your magazines. A single flap secures with Fighter Design USA’s signature magnets along with dual zippers on a single pull. You simply give it a pull and voila; magazines…lots of loaded, high capacity magazines each nestled into its own slot.


Texas Mag Bags come fully kitted out with the appropriate number of SureFire 60 rd magazines.


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10 Responses to “Fighter Design USA – Texas Mag Bags”

  1. Jason says:

    I only wish they had a “no mags included” sales option. This would be great to drag to the line in a class, etc…. but I’ve already got a pile of 30, 40, & 60rd mags.

  2. JPate says:

    Yes, push for ‘bag only’ option.

  3. bulldog76 says:

    bag only option maybe ??

  4. J.H.S says:

    Yes, that would be very nice… Especially for those of us who live in a state like California. In fact, can they also make a shorter 10rd mag bag?

    • Riceball says:

      I second that although I’m fine with the sizing as is since I use 10/30 mags. However, this bag looks kind of scary being able to hold so many mags, I think that our nannies in Sacramento might make it illegal to own in CA being a high capacity magazine bag.

  5. We hear you Internet. Texas Mag Bags coming soon on our website. http://www.FighterDesignUSA.com
    Send an email to [email protected] to be notified first.

    We’re also posting the blog of our beat down of the Surefire 60 round mags. We tested twenty-one mags (All Generation 3) with several thousand rounds, and still going, and we’re still at zero malfunctions. Those mags are on a tour right now and several others are with trainers we trust. We believe in them, specifically the Generation 3 Surefire 60 rounders. We haven’t tested the 100 round mags personally. If you’ve had any issues with the early Gen 1 or Gen 2 magazines, we recommend that you try the Gen 3 for yourself. Surefire is a great engineering company and they’re always improving and upgrading their products.

  6. Bradkaf308 says:

    Someone is expecting a bad day. Cool,

  7. Patrick says:

    Yeah, I second (or third or fourth) a bag only option. Preferably one suited for 30rd mags. That would be a no brainer pick up for me.

  8. Texas Mag Bags (without magazines) are now available for order on our website. FighterDesignUSA.com