Tyr Tuesday – Huron Approach Anorak

We’ve shown you the Huron Tactical Clothing and Equipment Cold Weather Smock. As you’ve probably figured out, I’m a big fan of smocks, but this is followed very quickly by my love of Anoracks. This week, we’ll check out the Huron Approach Anorak.


I recently visited TYR Tactical to go through their 2015 line, and specifically the Huron kit. We had just looked at the Smock when Jason Beck through this on the table. It was a very pleasant surprise.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Anorak, it’s a pull over style, traditionally made from waxed cotton, equipped with a hood and venting at the neck opening. This opening sits atop a large kangaroo pocket and secures for foul weather via buttons, snaps or zipper. Overall, it’s a very functional design. More modern variants are made from synthetics and incorporate side openings/vents as well as additional pockets. The softshell Huron Approach Anorak falls into this more advanced category.


The Huron Approach Anorak has a removable drawstring hood and high collar as well as a cinch cord at the hem to keep out the weather. Additionally, CSM reinforced rubberized elbows offer protection and grip in rough terrain and utilizes adjustable Velcro tabs at the cuffs for closure.

Made from a 4-way stretch softshell fabric, the Anorak incorporates dual slider zips up to the arm pit in either side which allow for easier donning/doffing as well as venting. Additionally, the bottom of the side zips close via snap so you can open the lower section and poke a holster (or other pouch) through the opening and secure the anorak around the item for ready access. The material has been treated with Marathon H100 which repels water, dirt and oil while still giving the textile breathability and elasticity.


There are three main zippered front external pouch pockets in addition to two side pouch pockets with unimpeded pass through allowing the wearer to utilize a Huron Hand Warmer when needed.

There are six week lead times associated with this Anorak which is offered in MultiCam, sizes Small through XXLarge.


8 Responses to “Tyr Tuesday – Huron Approach Anorak”

  1. JP says:

    Is it just me or is the multicam pattern rotated so that the pattern is running vertical rather than horizontal?

    • Lasse says:

      It is in some parts. It’s probably because of how the pattern is made, with some curves that makes it impossible to have all pieces line up with the right grain.
      If they want to have it all on the right grain, you’d have a shitton of extra seamlines which would make this an even more expensive anorak.

      • Luke says:

        While that explains the upper chest, I think the front of the anorak is just rotated. could be to squeeze more pieces out of the fabric but I don’t think it’s a construction thing.

    • J.H.S says:

      Spoken like a true fashonista!

  2. Lee says:

    Any sign of them doing a soft shell combat jacket like the Arcteryx

  3. Chris says:

    I know there’s a market that can afford this. Same as the top line dead bird stuff. But $600 for a non-waterproof anorak? I’ve gotta be missing something. Please enlighten me.