SHOT Show – SureFire Blast Diffuser Coming Soon


This the SureFire 5.56mm Blast Diffuser unveiled at last week’s SHOT Show. It adapts to a SF SOCOM muzzle brake / suppressor adapters and pushes the concussion of the muzzle brake forward, away from the shooter and those next to him. Because of this attachment, it does kind of resemble a miniature suppressor, but it’s not.


This is the prototype that was at SHOT Show. Everyone wanted it. I understand they had a cash offer of $600 to sell it, right there at the show. It is now in production and will be available soon.

Vickers Tactical released this video showcasing some new SureFire products including the Blast Diffuser. LAV is interviewing Jamie Wiedeman. They served together in the same Army unit for many years.

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19 Responses to “SHOT Show – SureFire Blast Diffuser Coming Soon”

  1. Clampitt says:

    All around it looks like some great products coming to market. Really interested in the new flash hider for SBR applications.

    Couldn’t tell from the video but any idea if the new light will fit securely on compact frame pistols like the M&P 9c?

  2. Chris says:

    Will they make one that fits the legacy SF muzzle brakes? or will this SOCOM diffuser fit the legacy brakes?

    I only ask because ALL my long guns have legacy brakes/flash hiders on them…

  3. bulldog76 says:

    i want to know more about that war comp….

    • Jamie Wiedeman says:

      You are going to love the WARCOMP. It’s the SOCOM 3-Prong flash hider with 16 directional ports that control muzzle rise without producing additional flash. Sights stay on target.

  4. Garin Lee says:

    It will fit the legacy line as well. It will not have the indexing system that the SOCOM/SOCOM2 series uses.

  5. Tackleberry says:

    Why not make forward venting muzzle attachments as brakes?

    If one has a suppressor for their brake, they’re likely to be running that.

    Seems like a niche item that’ll have broader appeal to those that don’t want to or cannot got the NFA route and get suppressors.

    • Andrew says:

      This is for people that want a brake most the times but may enter situations where they dont want that. It is indeed still a niche item, but obviously there is enough demand to rate the product.

      One small example is certain boltgun matches that don’t allow brakes, this would be a good option if you typically shoot with a brake. Also think CQB or classes.

  6. SShink says:

    Is the “blast diffuser” compatible with the FA556-212 muzzle device?

  7. Brando says:

    I’m curious how they plan to get around NFA laws? Anyone remember the legal crapstorm ATI went through with their .22LR MP5SD replica? It was a hollow tube attached to the barrel, yet ATF claimed it “could” be misused as a suppressor part, and required them to recall and replace the tubes with solid pieces.

  8. ben says:


    will a 30 cal version be produced as well?

  9. Gijoe says:

    I use cats for silencers, just screw the barrel in there ass, lock the tail around the front sight, and instant totale silence

  10. Fox says:

    I really like the idea behind this. A diffuser that can already attach to the adapter that I already own, and has the same look as the suppressors they make- that is a bonus to me. Although, I would not pay 600 Duckets for a diffuser, especially when the Ferfrans is a lot less.

    • John says:

      It doesn’t cost $600, someone just offered them $600 at shot show so they could have it right then and there. I’m assuming this will cost $300 or less.

  11. I really like the look of 7.62 mini, nice trade off between bulk and effectiveness.