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World Premiere – ZEV Technologies Professional Series – Episode 1

This series of videos by ZEV Technologies showcases their professional series of firearms. The story behind the scenes is just as cool as the action.

In early 2014, ZEV Technologies partnered with one of the industry’s most reputable production houses, Brain Farm, during the ZEV PRC event – hosted by Deliberate Dynamics.

Through the course of this event, Brain Farm and ZEV captured the perfection that ZEV provides to its customers every day with its products; working with Professional Shooter, KC Eusebio as well as their demographic of users in the tactical arena – who rely on ZEV’s commitment to perfection and quality.

The partnership between ZEV and Brain Farm is now coming to light – with the release of a series of videos captured during that time. The videos highlight ZEV’s top tier products, and Brain Farm’s incredible visual effects and cinematography.

Stay tuned to this video series through ZEV and Brain Farm’s social media and website.



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One Response to “World Premiere – ZEV Technologies Professional Series – Episode 1”

  1. fabio says:

    How many Glock 34 SC zev?