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French Special Forces Spotted Wearing A-TACS In Mali

It appears that French SF are now wearing A-TACS AU camouflage uniforms. A long-time reader of SSD pointed out this video released by the French Ministry of Defense, in which French SF are shown eating along side Dutch national Sjaak Rijke, who they rescued over the Easter weekend. The video later shows the SF rehearsing drills, where you can clearly see the uniforms in use.

Thanks to ‘AK’ for the tip!


5 Responses to “French Special Forces Spotted Wearing A-TACS In Mali”

  1. JPW says:

    Guarding from a Picture posted on a German Website it seems to be an Emerson G3 Uniform.


  2. Bootcat says:

    An order for ATACS AU uniforms was placed last year, but judging from the price and requirements, those ordered wouldn’t have lasted long in the field.

  3. BS says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that JPW is right. The uniform looks like G3 cut in A-TACS AU camo. Crye does not make them so only possibility is Emerson rip-off in A-TACS rip-off (on the video, the ripstop structure is “big” compared to standard US fabrics)

  4. Bob says:

    Why is SSD obsessed with camo? Serious question.